Getting sucked into the contemporary #romance world.

I know my loyal readers are waiting for my next paranormal romances to come out, and I promise they will. In fact, I can tell you I’m further along with the next Gemini Island Shifters book than I expected to be. Despite my intention to give writing a little break this past week, I had a brain wave yesterday and was able to add a couple of thousand words. So, they’re coming.

However, I have found myself drawn more and more into the contemporary romance world and wonder why. The Stand-In, my latest contemporary, has been doing well and I’m so pleased with the reviews coming in.
But what drew me to characters such as Winn and Patrick? After all, since the first time I picked up a pen, I wrote about paranormal creatures. Hell, since I first began to read as a child, I read about monsters and gods and ghosts. So why am I all of a sudden obsessed with “real” people?

I blame life. When life throws curve balls at you, you begin to see resilience in others, as well as in yourself. You see others fight back. And believe me, I have witnessed a lot of grace under pressure lately. The human spirit is a remarkable thing. I suppose I feel the need to celebrate it right now.

I’ve always been enamored of those supernatural beings and still am. I love what they can do and what they can become. But at this point in time, I appreciate the simple beauty of human reactions and willpower. I find myself mulling over human mistakes and marveling at how we seek to fix them. I love to discuss the strength of my paranormal characters in those other books, but when you get right down to it, we mortals can be strong, too.

So will I be exploring the mortal world in my books going forward? I think so. I already have a couple of plots spinning in my brain and some very human characters to go with them.

These humans have surprised me, and I hope they will delight you.


10 thoughts on “Getting sucked into the contemporary #romance world.

    • Thanks DawnMarie. I agree, and have always found it’s my paranormal characters’ humanity that endears them to readers. It’s the most important part. 🙂


    • Thank you Fran. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed both genres. Paranormal will always be a part of what I write. There’s no way I could ever give it up. 🙂


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