A taste of Night Lover!

I’m currently in the midst of edits on Night Lover, my upcoming release with Hartwood Publishing. In fact, this whole season will be a whirlwind of edits. I just finished edits on Vice, my Sept. 22 release with Samhain, and I’m about to go into the editing process for Predator’s Trinity, my next Gemini Island Shifters book with Liquid Silver Books. Three publishers, three sets of editors, three house styles. It’s been a challenge and a great experience.

As I work on Night Lover, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to hero Finn Mackenzie. I love Finn. He probably gets the least “air time” of all my heroes, but that’s because this isn’t your typical romance. Night Lover is actually two romances in one. There is a modern-day romance between Finn and Renata Bruno, a classical soprano. And we also have a Regency romance between Hugh Dawlish and Claudia Sebastiano, characters Renata learns about. I won’t give away any twists and turns yet, but suffice to say, Finn isn’t happy when Hugh Dawlish intrudes into Renata’s life. Hugh is cursed, you see, and exists as an incubus. Renata is his latest conquest.

But will he vanquish her? Not if Finn has anything to say about it.

Please enjoy the following snippet:

The morning sun just hinted at rising, the first few golden-pink rays tickling the window shade. Even with the window closed, I could hear the merchants in the high street as they began their trade, setting up boxes in their stalls and hosing down the walkways in front of their shops. The room smelled pleasantly stale. It smelled of Hugh and it smelled of Finn, and both scents had seeped into my pores, becoming one with mine. I hadn’t slept much, too disturbed by Hugh’s latest appearance. How could he…violate me in such a way? How could he violate us?

The worst part had been my body’s reaction to him, to them. As much as I wanted to despise Hugh’s touch, I couldn’t.  God help me, in the moment I’d wanted it just as much as I’d wanted Finn’s. I’d relished in both embraces, feeling each man had claimed separate parts of me. I’d never felt so alive and yet so ashamed..

And I’d never come with such brain-cracking force.

Even now guilt made my gut churn because I wanted to feel it again.

“I’m deranged,” I whispered to myself.

Hearing me, Finn moved, but his arm remained tight around me in a possessive clamp. He opened his eyes and looked at me, his gaze a strange mixture of worry and intrigue. “How are you feeling?”

“God, Finn. I wish I knew.” I pulled away from him, just a little, thinking he’d want to distance himself from me. “You must hate me.”

He pulled me back into his arms, frowning, and then kissed me on the mouth. His hand smoothed over my hip, bringing me into stark realization of how right it felt to lay with him. “Am I acting as if I hate you?”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Haven’t I? Margaret thinks I invited him into my life. That he came to me because on some level I wanted him, wanted this. But I don’t, Finn. I never could have imagined someone, something, like him.”

He leaned in and touched his forehead to mine. I closed my eyes and he kissed my eyelids, lingering on each one. “I know. And we’ll get past this.” When he looked at me again, the fiery glint in his eyes told of need and hunger. “I know what it is to lose you. And now, by some miracle, you’re back in my life. Do you honestly think I’m going to let you go again?”

My lips twitched in a grin. “I hope not.”

“No fucking way. And I certainly won’t lose you to some dead shithead. This isn’t fucking Wuthering Heights.”


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