Visit the bakery from Sweet Hell!

I was so excited when my husband pulled me aside this morning and told me to watch one of our favorite cooking shows with him. You Gotta Eat Here is a really fun TV show on Food Network Canada, in which comedian host John Catucci visits restaurants people love. Imagine my surprise when my husband said John’s next stop was the SanRemo Bakery in Toronto! Not only have I eaten the treats there many times, I lived right around the corner from it for years. For a couple of short months, I worked there in my teens.

This bakery is the inspiration behind Josie Marino’s bakery in my romance Sweet Hell. LSB_Sweet Hell_450x600


Everything is the same. The Italian delicacies, the cakes baked in-house, and the cavernous bakery in which Josie shares her first kiss with immortal hero Dionysus (minus the god, of course. I’m pretty sure Dionysus never frequented the SanRemo Bakery).

This episode of You Gotta Eat Here is now online. If you loved Sweet Hell, give it a watch and you’ll truly understand why I was so moved to include it as one of my settings. I worked for the Bozzo brothers, not the ones in the episode, but their fathers, and I cherish my memories there. Catch the episode here: SanRemo is the third restaurant featured in the clip.

They even provide the recipe for their famous cannoli. Remember how much Dionysus loved these cannoli?

I’m so pleased to share this part of my past with you and I hope you’ll see why it was such an inspiration to me.


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