An apology to my male models.

I’m clueless in several ways. For instance, I can’t seem to empty the canister in my vacuum cleaner and hubby always has to put it back together for me. I’m also a bit dense when it comes to driving directions. I know where I need to go, but if I have to express it to someone else, they will get lost.

However, what saddens me most is my absolute cluelessness when it comes to male romance cover models. You know, guys like these.



I browse a lot of romance sites and am connected to a lot of readers. I’m always astounded at how much cover model knowledge they possess. How do they remember all those model names? Where do they even discover them? Is there a database no one told me about?

God series

I’ve often posted pics on my Facebook page or pinned them to Pinterest, only to have excited readers jump into the conversation and declare, “Ooh! I love Justin!” or “Fred is so hot in this picture” or “If you like that picture of Dennis, wait until you see this one!”

And I invariably think, “His name is Dennis?”

Selkies photo

Now, in all fairness, I do know a couple of the fine men who’ve graced my covers (Louis Bottone and Scott Nova), thanks to Facebook, but the others are mysteries to me. I would like to know them and tell them how happy I am with their work, but I have no clue where to begin. How does one identify a man when all one sees is his bare chest? Is there a bare chest repository somewhere?

I won’t even get into female models here. Again, I’ve met one or two of my lovely ladies through Facebook, but very often in romance, we see even less of them than we do of the men.

So to all the men I’ve loved before, because I have loved each and every one of you in my way, please forgive me. I do not know your names. I do not know your birthdays or favorite foods. I feel as if we’ve shared intimate moments in my head and I didn’t even ask for your phone number so I could call you again.

And I will tell you this. You won’t be my last. There will be more of you, as many as I can muster. My unknown, beloved heroes. Men of mystery who seem content to remain that way.

If you recognize my models, male or female, let me know. And if you are a model who has graced one of my covers, please reach out to me. I’d love to be able to thank you.



8 thoughts on “An apology to my male models.

  1. I know some of the names but if they don’t show up at a FB party or an author introduces the models then I never get their names. To all the models I have seen on book covers and drooled over thank you for putting yourself out there for us!!!! So no Rosanna your not alone. Even when you try to find a name it is almost impossible to find them…I looked


  2. I love this! It must be so neat to be a romance cover model. I wonder what that’s like! “Oh, my job? I’m every woman’s fantasy…” LOL! I remember seeing several male cover models interviewed on day time TV when I was in high school, and they were all amazing people — I think one of them single-handedly ran a cat shelter! As if you could get more attractive! 😀


    • A cat shelter run by a male model, Jessica? Sign me up! I can volunteer to wash the kitties…or the abs. One of the two. Thanks for visiting.


  3. This is such a cute post! I think it’s great that you want to know who the model is!

    Most of the time the cover artist will know who the photographer and or the model is…of not, they’ll know how to find out.


    • I knew you’d be in the know, Syd! Thanks for visiting. One of these days, we’ll have to chat about the lovely lady gracing Vice. 🙂


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