Barbara Meyers Interview. What a Rich Woman Wants.

Fellow Samhain Publishing author Barbara Meyers and I met online and I immediately loved her interesting tweets and posts. She has a new release with Samhain and I’m so pleased to be able to interview her as well. Please help me welcome Barbara!


RL) Can you remember the first romance book you ever read? If not the exact book, do you recall what it might have been about and how it inspired you?
BM) The one I remember most clearly is Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. This was back when I re-read books and I think I wore that one out at the time (in my early 20’s). Then I read that whole series. I can’t say it inspired me to write romance (that’s a different story entirely) but yes, I remember it. It was a historical romance. A young girl (17, I think) traveling with her parents to the West on a wagon train. She is seduced by Steve Morgan (him I remember!) I think that was his name anyway, underneath one of the wagons. I remember it was hot!!!. She was innocent, but defiant, saucy, spunky, all of those things you want a heroine to be. And he was all man and you could easily see how she could be swept away by him.
RL) How did you celebrate your first book being published?
BM) Probably with a lot of jumping up and down when my box of author copies arrived.  My name. In print. Can you believe it? Actually, I still jump up and down when copies of my latest release arrive.
RL) As writers, we all tend to insert bits of ourselves into our characters. How much of you appears in your characters?
BM) Oh, gosh, isn’t it all me? Or who I want to be? Well, if you read about one of my characters who doesn’t like to cook or isn’t particularly good at it, that is definitely me. And as there seems to be a child who doesn’t quite belong in most of my books, that’s me too. A heroine not certain of her appeal to the opposite sex, or insecure about her clothing choices or expecting to be rejected?  There I am again.
RL) Describe your writing attire. Do you have an ensemble?
BM) I write on a laptop sitting up in my (queen-size) bed. At the moment I’m wearing shorts and a top because I went out earlier and it’s HOT in Central Florida. But if I’m not going anywhere, some days I don’t really get dressed. I have a couple of long cotton tee shirt dresses I wear around the house. That’s my comfy outfit of choice.
RL) Aside from love, what sorts of themes do you like to explore in your writing?
BM) Like I said, there’s often a child in my books who doesn’t really belong there, which often brings up issues of abandonment. Betrayal. That’s a big one. Change. Acceptance. I don’t purposely set out to explore a particular issue when I start a book. They just seem to arise naturally. I’ve been told all writers are working out their own issues through their writing…


Braddock Brotherhood, Book 4 

Right about the time Lesley Robinson’s father’s stroke left her in charge of his Fortune 500 company, she adopted her housekeeper’s sick baby and divorced her philandering husband. 

She’s survived the past six years by building an impenetrable wall around her emotions. But when a hunk of a sheriff’s deputy turns up at her office to apply for a grant from the company’s foundation, her distrust of men and relationships takes a direct hit. 

Niko Morales clawed his way out of gang life to build a new one grounded in law enforcement and a passion to help disadvantaged youth. So, Lesley needs a companion for an upcoming social occasion? He’s no gigolo, but for his community center, and maybe for her, he’ll wear the monkey suit. 

Without any apparent effort at all, Niko sneaks under Lesley’s cool façade, shaking up everything she believed about herself. But when their relationship is threatened by the sins of others, they’ll both have to step up—and out of their comfort zones. Or they’ll lose the one thing they want most: each other.

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