Ashes by @SophieHMorgan – A Review

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ll know I share a lot of info from fellow authors, but I don’t often share my reviews. However, every so often, an author comes along who really inspires me and I feel a need to let my readers know.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Sophie H. Morgan. Sophie writes for Samhain Publishing, as I do. I got to meet her when we discovered we have the same editor there. She is a delight and so is her writing.


I’ve reviewed this fascinating fantasy romance and I’d like to share my review with you.

“What a wonderful world author Sophie Morgan has created! In Ashes, an action-packed paranormal romance, she has given us a universe peopled with phoenix, shape shifters, fae, vampires, demons and assorted interesting characters. It’s not too often I fall in love with a heroine, as much as a hero, but I did here. Heroine Alana, a rebel fighter and princess in hiding, is battling against Edward, a slimy ruler determined to steal the DNA of supernatural creatures and inject it into humans. Alana is tough, she curses up a storm, and she can fight, despite her genteel royal background. Her one weak spot? Cade Lorin, her former security guard and mentor, and a jackal shifter. Cade is delicious, sexy and strong and eager to protect Alana at every turn. When Cade tumbles back into Alana’s life, years after he spurned her advances, she is thrown for a loop. Can she trust the man who stole her heart but who now operates as a supposed mercenary? And as much as Cade trusts Alana, he has trouble believing in her disdain for Edward. Ms. Morgan has brought us delectable tension and some very sexy scenes. The fight scenes are so well-written and I flipped through the pages, eager to see more. The ending is perfect. We have heartbreak and credible resolution and we believe in Cade and Alana’s future. I very much look forward to reading more from this talented author.”


You can find Sophie’s book Ashes here: as well as at other outlets.

Stay in touch with her for more book news here:




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