Celebrating accomplishments.

If you subscribe to the Romance Writers of America magazine, you will see my name in the most recent edition.

Don’t go looking for full-page ads, now. It’s in small print, but it’s there.

Why? I finally became part of the Published Authors Network (PAN). I know! It’s a big deal, right? (takes small bow)


Now, those of you who know me might be thinking, “Hang on. Rosanna has been published since 2012. What the heck? Why the delay?” Of course, an author has to meet certain criteria to become a PAN member, but I met this criteria in 2012.

Truth is, I just didn’t do anything about it. There are certain documents one has to prepare, certain forms one has to fill out, etc. I suppose I was too busy writing and just didn’t take time to celebrate my accomplishments.  I knew I’d get to it at some point.

Now, years later, as I ponder my PAN status, I realize I should have taken these steps sooner. I should have seized a moment to say, “Hey. You’ve done a good thing here. Celebrate it.”

I’ve never been too comfortable celebrating my accomplishments. I’m sure most of us feel the same way. Humility and modesty are valued and I think many of us were raised to respect these qualities. You know, unless you’re Kanye.

I’ve approached my life in a pleasantly self-deprecating fashion, but now that I’m in my forties, I wish I’d tooted my own horn here and there.

Is it wrong? Hell, no. We work hard to fulfill goals and achieve dreams. Some of us never get to achieve them at all. For me, becoming a published author has been a dream I’ve held close for years. However, as soon as I was given the opportunity to celebrate it, I didn’t quite go all the way. Oh, I partied with friends and family, but something held me back from making it official with RWA.

Now I wish I had.

Perhaps a small part of me was worried someone would think I didn’t deserve it. Maybe I was concerned someone would view it as boasting. For whatever the reason, I didn’t follow through. No matter how you translate it, I probably thought, on some level, that I wasn’t good enough.

When we reach milestones or realize dreams, it’s so important to commemorate them. Jump for joy. Scream in happiness. Buy some champagne and let the bubbles tickle your nose as you drink. DO something. Tell the world, “I worked hard and I’m proud.”

No one will blame you for doing so. Your true friends will be thrilled to celebrate with you.



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