Light Up Your New Year with Romance Party!

Who says the parties have to end with New Year’s?

Some fellow Samhain Publishing author friends and I decided we needed another celebration to start the year off. Join us Sunday Jan. 24 from 12-8pmEST for the Light Up Your New Year with Romance Party!


Who’s hosting? Well, aside from yours truly, we have Selena Robins, Lauren Smith, Sophie H. Morgan, Barbara Meyers, Donna June Cooper, DB Kennison and Melanie Stanford. Where will we be? On Facebook at the following link:

Why should you attend? The prizes will be awesome and we plan to have a lot of fun. Not only are the participating authors offering up 2 $25 Amazon gift cards, our publisher Samhain Publishing is graciously donating 3 prizes, 3 $15 gift cards to the Samhain site. How amazing is that?


And each author is doing her own giveaways during her time slot as well! In other words, if you want to stock up on books, there’s no better chance.

As for me, I’ll be offering up a copy of


Join us on Facebook on Jan. 24. You won’t want to miss this one. Hope to see you there!


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