Captain Morgan is the only good pirate.

Argh! Don’t we all love a swashbuckler? Images of Johnny Depp, that rascal, come immediately to mind.

Frankly, I’m not so jazzed on pirates these days. When you’re on the receiving end of pirating, your opinions tend to harden.

This week started out well for me. For the first time ever, I was able to arrange unprecedented discounts on my Gemini Island Shifters series. Seriously, the prices are nuts! Predator’s Kiss is currently available for a mere $0.99. The other books have been discounted as well. I was so happy to be able to offer this to my readers.

In the same week, I discovered these exact books on three separate pirate sites. Three. One of them had the entire series up for free downloads. With one of the sites, I wasn’t even able to submit a take down notice because the form on the site was wonky. So that site keeps my books, I guess, free for anyone to download.

Finding my books on these sites (again- this isn’t the first time- people keep uploading them), left a bad taste in my mouth. Why arrange for sales at all when others steal the books?

I hope people realize these sites are bad, not just for the author, but possibly for your computers. We all know viruses are a threat. To be honest, I sometimes wish viruses on those who upload and download my books via these sources. A pox on you nasty vermin! Argh (grunt, grunt.)

The fact is pirating remains a serious threat to authors. Like any other job, we need to get paid. So do the folks who help us publish our books. I would never walk into a store and expect the clerk to give me a pair of jeans at no charge. Why then is it okay for some people to demand free books? It makes no sense to me.

How can you help your favorite authors? Buy our books from reputable sites. How do you know it’s not a legitimate freebie? Chances are if you have to pay for it elsewhere, it’s not a freebie. When in doubt, check the author’s website. I guarantee you she will have posted information on a freebie. We all do to increase sales.

This whole situation makes me want to cuddle with a bottle of Captain Morgan, the only good pirate in town. Even that Johnny Depp was sketchy.

13 thoughts on “Captain Morgan is the only good pirate.

  1. Reblogged this on Jessica Cale and commented:
    Great post on a frustrating topic. Please support your favorite authors by paying for our books. Most of us do not get huge advances and pretty much everyone I know also has a day job. If you do see our books on pirate sites, let us know so we can send takedown notices. Thank you!

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  2. So upsetting. Just because something is available in a digital format doesn’t mean it should be free. You’d never steal a paperback, so why steal an eBook? If you’re short on cash, there are plenty of opportunities to get free books legitimately in exchange for reviews. If everyone who stole them reviewed them, that would at least help with sales!


  3. I’m with you! It saddens me when I see books of my fav authors on one site in particular. I love seeing authors and blogs promoting their sales and that network is not that hard to plug into. If you can’t afford books, just plug in and create your collection with great sales! I see some doing preorder discounts too!


  4. It is frustrating, and I really don’t think a lot of people who frequent those places understand how frustrating it is for authors.

    Would these same people walk into a Starbucks, help themselves to coffee and walk out without paying?

    Hmmmmm, maybe they would


  5. never but books anywhere but B&N or Amazon. Really feel bad with all the work that goes into release a book you have people like these stealing them . Sorry Rosaana


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