Hard candy, anyone?

You know those old folks one encounters in movie theaters, the ones who always seem to be unwrapping hard candies?


Of course, you know them. Just as soon as the movie hero is about to reveal the great secret in his past, the one that will determine the movie’s outcome, those pensioners usually pipe up in loud voices.

“What did he say, Henry? No, I didn’t wear my hearing aid. It makes everything too damn loud.” (Unwrap, unwrap, unwrap)

Yeah, those folks. Well, I mean no disrespect. The whole point of this post is I’m starting to feel a strange affinity for the older generations. God bless ’em.

I guess you could say I’m starting to feel my age and it’s been getting me down this week.

Now I’m sure you’re protesting as you read this. “But surely Rosanna is barely thirty years old! How can she possibly be feeling her age?” (You are saying that, right? RIGHT???)

Fact is I’m 45. Yes, I know, still very much young, still lots of living to do. I just wish parts of me didn’t hurt so much during all this living.

A week or so ago, I visited the eye doctor, only to be told I have bizarre scratches on my eyes. They can’t figure out how they got there. (Personally, I think this lends credence to my theory spiders are trying to gobble up my peepers at night.) Oh, and my eyeglass prescription got stronger. That’s always a delight. “From 45 onward,” the doctor said, “your prescription can change every six months. Eyes age quickly during the period between 45 and 55.”

Oh, joy. Just call me Mr. Magoo.

And then there’s the matter of my tendinitis and tennis elbow. I’ve been experiencing pain all through my right arm for over a month. However, as I learned today from my physiotherapist, the pain stems from nerve issues in my neck. The keyboarding doesn’t help but it might also be a result of general wear-and-tear. Again, I’m aging so I should expect more of this.

Did I happen to mention that favorite foods (read: junk foods) no longer sit well with me? Today, because the boys had a day off school, my husband and I grabbed burgers and fries for the four of us. Although that crap went down nicely, within two hours my stomach  had launched an all-out rebellion. I’m serious. It was the fricking Battle of Trafalgar in my gut and I did not emerge victorious.


So basically my stomach hurts, my eyes are wonky and I’ve got pain radiating out from my elbow into my neck and fingers. I expect gout and shingles any day now.

I’m all about embracing my age, at least on most days. I have no wish to go backward and redo my twenties and thirties. In fact, in many ways, my forties have kicked ass.  I love where I am but I won’t lie to you. Some days everything hurts.

So what do I intend to do about this pesky aging process? I have decided to take action. As much as I detest exercise, I know I need to start moving. I already take long walks but maybe more is needed. Perhaps I need to try something new, something that will not only stretch my body but stimulate my mind.

What about those junk foods that disagree with me so much? I have to remind myself of the discomfort every time I feel like caving. When the waitress asks if I want fries with that, I shall smite her! “Begone, temptress!” I shall say.  (Okay, I won’t really smite the waitress. That’s just mean. Besides, I’m not sure how to smite a person.)

I will be the first to admit I sometimes delay my doctor appointments. As a mom, I’ve always made sure my kids have their physicals, but I sometimes neglect myself. I can’t do that anymore. I have to take care of myself, too.

It’s time for change. Change is good.

In the meantime, until I can sort out all these changes, I’ll just curl up over here with my bran muffin, unwrap a few hard candies and take a nap.



18 thoughts on “Hard candy, anyone?

  1. Please don’t smite the waitress! LOL 😉 I’m getting achier myself and am trying to sort out a healthier sleep schedule. It sounds like you have a good plan! Good luck avoiding fries! Let us know if you find a good exercise. I should probably try something new, too! :S


    • No smiting, Jess, I promise. LOL Honestly the writing has been such a blessing in my life but also a slight curse. It isn’t the healthiest lifestyle. I’m trying hard to combat all the sedentary time by moving where I can. I hope you get into a healthier sleep schedule as well.


  2. You might hurt your neck if you smite the waitress! I have love/hate of my age too! -~I’m five years older than you are, with strange high blood pressure in my eyes they can’t figure out, a rising blood sugar and spine arthritis. I have “stood up” the my treadmill dates for far too long. On that note, I’m going to raise my flag, I mean “font ” and go read on that exercise machine now, in your honor sister. I hope I return and don’t need the chiropractor.


  3. What fun, you youngster! Weirdly, I also have tricep tendonitis. Thought it was from playing tennis, but maybe it’s just from being old. Everything that’s wrong with me is on my predominant right side. The tendonitis, pre-squamas cell carcinoma on my shin and fungus on my toenail. Plus, the newspaper got my age wrong by 2 years!! You’ll always be younger than me, though. I barely remember 45.


    • LOL, thanks for your comment and commiseration, Barb. I know I still have a ways to go but I’m astounded at how quickly everything is changing. I haven’t even gotten into the cosmetic changes! Egad, no. Are you right-handed as well? Might explain some things.


  4. Well, Mr MaGoo, you’re in good company. You’re not alone, anyway.
    I’ve needed reading glasses for the past 2-3 years and I think I may have to get stronger ones. *sigh*. I like to think of them as ‘support for the eyes’. Sort of like a jock strap or a bra, but for the face. (lol)

    Can you pass me a candy? I’ll share my wine with you.

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  5. LOL I went through all that too. However a very bad accident at age 49 very nearly l killed me and is playing hell with me now. try to enjoy where you are at now, and change what you can to make it better later.


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