Find me a “Connor” contest!

Those of you who read my Gemini Island Shifters series will know I am currently working on Predator’s Salvation. This will be the 8th and final book in the series. I can’t wait to bring you this story and hope you find it a satisfying resolution to a series that came straight from my heart.

GI Shifters

As you may know, book 8 will be Elaine and Connor’s book. If you read Predator’s Rescue, book 7, you’ll know this couple was left in a lurch. They are old friends, bonded by grief and admiration. Connor would do anything for Elaine, the widow of his best friend Lloyd. And Elaine thinks the world of Connor for supporting her through the greatest heartache she’s ever known. But can that regard blossom into love?

I already have photographic inspiration for Elaine. Born a human, she became a bear shifter after mating with Lloyd. This is how I see her:

Elaine- Predator's Salvation

However, I have no photo inspiration for Connor and desperately need a male Muse. Can you help me?

This is what I can tell you about him so far. Connor has dark hair and dark eyes. He is a mountain lion shifter and works as a security expert at the Ursa Resort on Gemini Island in Northern Ontario. Needless to say, he is well built. No tattoos. He has been a bit of a playboy at times, a prankster and is a loyal friend to everyone at the Ursa. Like all my shifters, he is brave, ready to lay down his life for his friends. After Lloyd’s death, Connor experienced tremendous grief. He still does. Suddenly, his playboy ways don’t seem all that important anymore. He is searching, but isn’t quite sure what he is searching for.

If you’d like to share your vision of Connor with me, visit my Facebook page and post your picture.

If your picture inspires me, you will receive an acknowledgment in Predator’s Salvation and a $10 Amazon gift card. The contest will remain open until the end of April, or until Connor is discovered.

Thank you! Now go find me a man.


6 thoughts on “Find me a “Connor” contest!

  1. Oooooh this is fun. Let me look thru my collection, I have a few in mind.
    I can’t wait for the story, I am glad they will have one. My heart was breaking for both when I read Predator’s Recue.


    • Thanks Eniko! Their story sort of surprised me too as I wrote it. LOL We need to help those unwitting love birds along. πŸ™‚


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