A return to Orkney.

My Orkney Selkies fans are a patient lot.

It’s been a good couple of years since the last book was published and I’ve had every intention of returning to Orkney. In fact, the third book was roughly plotted in my head and on paper since that time.

I just couldn’t seem to make the words come.

I tried, believe me. My selkie men are a persuasive lot and new hero Edan Kirk stared at me often, his blue eyes penetrating my skull, demanding his story. However, every time I sat down to write it, I stalled at the very same point. After many tries, I became convinced I needed to visit some other locations for a while.

But now I’m firmly ensconced on the beaches of Orkney once again.

selkie teaser

Guess what? The story is flowing from my fingers as if I never had any issue with it. This experience has taught me you can’t force a story, well, at least I can’t.

Granted, I had a few distractions in the past three years. Family stuff, work stuff, basic life stuff. And of course I wanted very much to draw closer to the end of my Gemini Island Shifters series for those fans as well. I also broadened my horizons by taking forays into the world of contemporary romance and realized I love that place just as much as the supernatural world. I think these little side trips helped. They cleared my head and allowed me to envision Edan and his fellow characters with clarity, rather than through a thick Scottish fog.

So to all those readers who have been asking for book 3, it’s coming. I promise you I am done with side trips for the time being and look forward to putting a period on Edan’s story very soon. Want a hint as to what’s coming? We have selkies, an intrepid team of Beast Seekers (led by kickass heroine Amy Woods) and even a siren or two. I can’t wait to share more.

If you haven’t caught up with the rest of the series, you can find The Selkie and Selkie’s Revenge wherever romance ebooks are sold.

LSB_the Selkie_450x600Selkie's Revenge

Orkney Selkies series



8 thoughts on “A return to Orkney.

    • Thanks for reading, Joni! I’m glad you are enjoying the series and I look forward to introducing you to the cast of book 3. 🙂


  1. Hi glad to hear the third book is coming. Have read the first two. I have heard a couple f author say you can’t force it and one had it finished and the character HUH what did you do to me . LOL So getting the book in Sept instead of June. I am sure we will loveit


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