Drama-free zone.

I see it all over social media these days. People, many readers, in particular, are shouting, “No drama, please!” I’m inclined to agree.

I’m not talking about good drama, the kind that fuels great books. I’m talking about the sort of melodrama one might find on a reality TV show. Social media has become a dumping ground for bad sentiment. Person A develops a beef with Person B and immediately vents on Facebook or Twitter.

In some cases, Person A has been justified. There are some nasty sorts out there. It’s only natural we get riled up and our friends want to show support. That’s a good thing.

Nevertheless, it can get out of hand. There are those who grow weary of seeing their feeds littered with negativity. In many cases, a negative comment can lead to a positive movement, something many of us witnessed recently in the romance community. It’s wonderful when a hurtful sentiment, meant to tear a spirit down, can result in so many being uplifted instead.

However, not every comment inspires a movement. I’m noticing more and more people posting about keeping their feeds positive. “Be mindful of what you post.” Be mindful, period, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always been of the opinion you reap what you sow. Be a source of kindness and kindness will return to you. It’s not always easy. We make mistakes but it’s important we develop an awareness. I’m learning everyday. I’ve certainly made my own errors.

Perhaps, when bad things happen to us, we don’t need to share each detail on Facebook. When a co-worker makes a snide remark, perhaps we don’t need to vent on Twitter. Why pollute another person’s day by sharing negativity on our timelines?

I’ve made a personal pledge to steer clear of this sort of drama. I don’t want it in my life and I don’t want it on my feed. Life presents enough challenges. I don’t need to navigate rocky social media waters as well.

I often joke I’m the last person to hear of drama when it occurs. I suppose I can be oblivious, but I’m realizing I prefer if that way, at least in this instance.

Will you join me in this drama-free zone?


9 thoughts on “Drama-free zone.

  1. I’ll try. I promise. I don’t think I’m too bad, but I know I have my moments.

    That’s why I share pics of jewelry. I like it. Others like it. It’s drama free. Diamonds, emeralds, and rubies – oh my! πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve noticed sometimes my replies to posts get hijacked by other commenters. When you’re showing sympathy or empathy to the poster and someone else makes your comment ABOUT THEM! It’s really annoying. My solution is to delete my post entirely which deletes their comment, too. And then I contact the poster directly if I can. But what I really want to do is say to the hijacker, “THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU!” Sheesh. πŸ™‚


    • Indeed, Barb! The ones I love are the people who find a way to comment and slide in some self-promotion, like we can’t see what’s going on. LOL


  3. I agree 1000%! I’m an optimist through and through. Mostly, I stick to sharing jokes and posting pics of the kids.

    And on the rare occasions I am tempted to comment on someone else’s rant, I stop myself by chanting: “Do not engage. Do not engage.” It’s my new mantra. Lol


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