My Roy Orbison moment.

Remember that song “Crying” by Roy Orbison? (Personally I adore the later version with Roy and the incomparable k.d. lang.)

Well, I feel as if that song has been my mantra lately. I can’t stop crying over my new manuscript for Predator’s Salvation, Gemini Island Shifters 8.

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Those who have kept up with the series know there is an element of grief involved. I won’t get into specifics and don’t wish to post spoilers for those who haven’t read the later books in the series.

My heroine Elaine ( and my hero Connor) are dealing with grief in its harshest form. As shape shifters, they feel each emotion even more keenly than their human counterparts might. I’m feeling it right along with them.

However, I think part of my author’s grief is saying goodbye to the series. I knew this day was coming. I readied myself. Quite frankly, I didn’t really think I needed to prepare myself. Onward and upward, right? Every good thing must come to an end, right?

And yet Roy and k.d. keep singing in my head. Remember when he thought he was “over” k.d. but realized he wasn’t?

I’m not over my friends on Gemini Island, not by a long shot. I suspect it’ll be some time before I’m anywhere near being over the good folks at the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort.

Every time I write a new scene, I dissolve. I have been constantly removing my eyeglasses to wipe them clean of smudges and tears. I blow my nose a lot and my waste baskets are filled with tissues.

I have actually reached out to a friend to beta read the last book for me soon because I worry my sadness will carry over into the book. However, it’s a sad time for these characters. If I don’t explore that grief, I don’t think I am honoring their sacrifices. I want to show their pain. All the better to see them triumph as I know they will at the end.

What will I do when it is time to write “The End?”

I have no idea. I suspect Roy will intrude once more and that I will shed more tears. My readers may cry along with me but I hope, more than anything, that I ensure their time on Gemini Island was memorable, exciting and full of love.




2 thoughts on “My Roy Orbison moment.

    • Aw, thanks Fran. I love it too. I think it’s a case of needing to try new projects but also not wanting to wear out my welcome. I’d rather go out on a high than drag it out to the point where no one is interested. 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series.


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