A Gemini Island Shifters fashion show.

The big day is approaching.

Readers of my Gemini Island Shifters series will know the employees at the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort are preparing for a grand re-opening of the lodge. Since being attacked by the Alpha Brethren, Ryland and friends have been working hard to get the lodge back in business. In the upcoming Predator’s Salvation, book 8 in the series, you will finally get to see the resort in all its majesty once again.

The women at the resort have been picking out their party dresses and the men have been polishing their shoes. I thought it might be fun to show you what my heroines are planning to wear for the big event.

First we have Lia Snow, our hostess, Ryland’s wife. At 8 months pregnant, Lia wants to be comfortable but she can’t resist a bit of glitz.


Gioia Snow, wife to Soren, loves color. With her olive skin and dark hair, she feels most comfortable in jewel tones like this striking blue. Soren likes it too.


Marci Gaspar is married to a real prince, the mysterious Anton. Her dress is made of a luxurious silk and drapes her body to perfection.


Charlotte Cairo, mated to Bart, knows what she likes. To complement her dark hair, she has chosen this vintage look red gown.


This pale pastel is perfect against Nina Moon’s dark complexion. As soon as she slipped into this lovely pink and black lace number, her mate Killian did a double take.


Suzan Moon, mated to jaguar shifters Percy and Byron, loves muted tones. Because she is an empath, she prefers softer colors that help her aura remain nice and calm.


Fleur Bissette, newly mated to Jani Fodor, is a bit of a bad girl. At least, she used to be. Now she’s all heart but she still likes a bit of attitude in her clothing. For Fleur, it can only be a little black dress.


And finally we have Elaine Gleason, our newest heroine from Predator’s Salvation. Elaine is a bit nervous about the grand re-opening celebration, mostly because of her strange feelings for Connor Church. When Connor sees her in this lovely copper gown, things certainly heat up between them.


Do you like these choices? Which do you like best? What will you wear to the party?

Haven’t caught up with the series? It’s never too late. Come to Gemini Island now.


6 thoughts on “A Gemini Island Shifters fashion show.

  1. I love this! They’re perfect. When I got to Marci I could see Anton’s cat eyes reflecting in that emerald dress! Thinking of Nina and Killian, well, they’re my favs after Ryland and Lia – that baby belly awww. Thanks, Rosanna!


    • So glad you enjoyed it! Great point about Anton’s green eyes. Rawr! You’ll see a bit more of Nina and Killian in the final book. I’ve made sure to include cameos by everyone. And yes, stay tuned for more on Lia’s bump!

      Liked by 1 person

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