Fall Into Romance Hop.

I’m pleased to be part of the Fall Into Romance Hop. On this hop, we are sharing the romances that made us fall in love with the genre or the ones that keep us smitten.  Stop by each blog for new recommendations and giveaways!


The Linky is at bottom for those who wish to check out all stops or you may refer back to the main event post at: http://theherdpresents.blogspot.com/2016/10/fall-into-romance-blog-hop.html

What is my prize on this hop? One lucky reader will receive an ecopy of my paranormal romance Night Lover.

How to win my book? Night Lover is set in an English manor house and weaves between the past and the present. In order to win, comment on my post and answer this question: If you could have an affair with any historical figure, who would it be and why?

I will award the book to one winner.


Canadian soprano Renata Bruno is tired of waiting for her big break. Unfortunately, her boss, the conductor of a chamber ensemble, sees her as little more than background material. When she learns of an opportunity to sing solo with a different troupe in England, she knows she must seize it. Especially when she hears the group is to perform Mozart’s Requiem, her favorite work.

As soon as Renata decides to make her move, a strange, sultry presence invades her life. She begins dreaming of a man, one who makes love to her, bewitching her. It isn’t long before her night lover leaves startling proof of his nocturnal presence, making her doubt her senses.

To compound her discomfort, she learns her new conductor is the college boyfriend who broke her heart years ago. As Renata grapples with old hurts and renewed passion, she must also fend off the increasingly fervent advances of her night-time visitor. She realizes she is under the influence of an incubus, a sexual demon.

It becomes harder to resist the incubus when she learns he has a name and had a tragic history. The more she discovers about his past, the more she realizes they are linked in more ways than one. Renata begins to rediscover love and her sense of faith, but will it be enough to save her night lover from an evil curse? And will it destroy her in the process?

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What are the books that made me fall in love with the romance genre? Like many readers, I first gravitated to historical romance. I guess I’ve always wanted a Mr. Darcy of my own. For that reason, I often picked up books by Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer.


However, eventually I found myself craving modern stories, especially those dealing with the paranormal. Although it isn’t a romance book, I embarked on a torrid love affair during my teens with a particular vampire.


What are some of your first favorites?

Happy hopping and don’t forget to visit each stop!


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