A sneak peek at Selkie’s Lure, Orkney Selkies 3.

Today is the first day of November and January is now officially just around the corner. As my followers may know, Selkie’s Lure, Orkney Selkies 3, launches January 16. I can’t wait to bring this new selkie book to you. Stay tuned, as cover details are just being confirmed.


In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at the story. Hero Edan Kirk and heroine Amy Woods are so excited to introduce themselves.


I hope you enjoy the following excerpt!

Selkie’s Lure

“Jesus, it’s been a slow night.” Niall stared at the pub door, as if willing someone to walk through. He cast a derisive eye at the bulges on Edan’s arms. “Maybe you could walk up and down the road for a few minutes, winking at the odd woman. That should be enough to convince them to race toward the pub en masse.”

“And then again, maybe you should open that tight fist of yours and spend a few pounds on marketing.”

“Marketing. The best marketing is done face to face. It’s all about connections. Anyone will tell you that.” He crossed his arms and smiled. “Which is why I’ve decided to give you a promotion.”

“Promotion? This was supposed to be a temporary thing. Besides, I don’t think I’m even officially on the payroll.”

“What? You can wait another week, two at most, for your pound of flesh. It’s not my fault you’re independently wealthy.”

As a selkie, Edan had lived a long time, far longer than any human. In fact, he’d celebrated his five hundred and ninetieth birthday a short time ago. When one lived that long, it was easy to amass a quantity of coin. Still, it didn’t mean Niall should consider him a virtual volunteer. Niall might like to joke that their “enduring friendship was payment enough” but Edan liked to think his time and labor were worth something.

“It’s time we capitalized on your talents. When you entertain the customers, they come out in droves and they stay.”

“No more selkie and finman malarkey.”

Niall ignored him. “Edan, my friend, I’m pleased to announce I’m making you the official storyteller of The Water Horse Pub.”

“That’s my promotion? I’m already doing it.”

“But now you can add it to your résumé.”

“For fuck’s sake, I’m a selkie. I don’t have a blasted résumé.”

He shrugged. “Perhaps it’s time you threw one together. You sex-crazed creatures practically live forever. You should probably give some consideration to career development. Or would you prefer to tend bar the rest of your life?”

“Give me strength. I don’t understand why I remain in this smelly pub with you week after week.”

He patted Edan’s cheek. “Poor darlin’. I’m the best friend you’ve got. You can’t go a day without me.”

“You’re full of shit.”

“Let’s review your storytelling job description. You will be in charge of amusing the customers.” He elbowed Edan in the ribs. “With your clothes on, of course. Oh, and…” His voice trailed away. “I may have put your face on an advertisement or two.”

“What was that last bit?”

“Sex sells, Edan, and you are sex personified. Between your knowledge of our vibrant folklore and your ability to turn women into unthinking puddles of goo, this place could make a mint. And anyway, the flyers are completely tasteful and I’ve only hung a hundred around town.”

“A hundred.” Edan choked out the words. “Show me the flyer.”

Niall retrieved one from the office in back. Edan drummed his fingernails on the bar while he waited, wishing he could scratch the patina off the wood.

Niall returned and held out a paper. “See? Tasteful.”

He’d taken a photo of Edan when he wasn’t looking, one in which he was reciting tales to the group of American women from the other night. His expression was flirty. They gazed at him, mouths open. The text underneath advertised The Water Horse’s new bartender, the one with such allure he might be “descended from selkies.”

“Bloody hell.”

“I think it’s creative.”

“Oh, it’s a fucking work of art,” Edan replied, lowering his voice even though he wanted to strangle Niall. “My only issue is you’ve basically told people I’m a selkie. You know I prefer to maintain a low profile.”

“With that head of hair? Good luck.” He rolled his eyes. “Be a sport. It’s for the pub. You said yourself I should invest in marketing. You, my ginger sea god, are my investment. When folk hear you recount the myths, they’ll fall in love with you. And after you recite your tales of love and woe, you can of course suggest visitors continue to quench their thirst at The Water Horse, the best pub in Kirkwall.”

“Step away from me, Niall. I can’t even look at you right now. If you come any closer, I swear by all the old gods I will skelp you.”

“Violence? That would definitely be a black mark on your performance review.” He slipped away to talk to one of their few customers before Edan could grab him.


You will find the rest of the series on Amazon as well as B&N, iTunes, Kobo, ARE, Google Play and Liquid Silver Publishing.


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