I want to suck your blood.

Isn’t it odd that sometimes, when we’re craving something new, we turn to something old? In my case, this means a return to one of my first loves, vampire lit.

As my readers know, I’ve recently finished up a couple of books (and a series). I’ve also begun work on a new contemporary series and am trying to find a good home for it. More on that soon, I hope. However, I need to keep writing and my tastes are currently running to the paranormal again, in particular those sexy vampires.

Yes, I know. Others have beaten me to the punch. My vampire book will certainly not be the first, but I also know it won’t be the last.

Paranormal readers love vamps. I don’t think a month has gone by in which a reader hasn’t asked me to write one. How can I say no? And quite frankly, I love them too. I always have.  I first met Count Dracula in grade school. I hung out with Lestat when I was 15. I dreamed about all the others for years. Yes, even Edward. He’s romantic. Of course, I love him.

But will my vamps sparkle? No. First of all, it’s been done. Secondly, I like my vamps unrepentant and capable of, well, evil. They are vampires, after all. Yes, they will be my heroes but I don’t want their heroic qualities to be evident at first. We will see their darker sides. We will luxuriate in their excess. We will want to sin with them.

I plan to return to the basics with these vampires. They can’t go out during the day time. Sunlight stings, to say the least. They need to drink blood. No getting around that. They can shift shapes. Oh, and they aren’t too fond of wooden stakes.

No magic rings. No wonderful potions that allow them to walk by day. No eating steak as a back up food supply. I want them to be down and dirty and bloody.

But sexy, too. We need to get sexy in there as well.

How can my heroines possibly love these monsters? We’ll find a way. As you’ll soon learn, my human heroines have a couple of interesting tricks up their sleeves too. They might be repulsed at first but I suspect that feeling won’t last long. It never does.

If my vampire heroes suddenly appear at your window late one night, will you give them permission to enter? I’ll make it worth your while.






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