Break ups and bad news. Someone get me a romance novel!

The other day, I heard the radio announcer talking about Dec. 11. Apparently, according to Facebook statistics, this is the date when most people break up with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Why is that? Because in breaking up a couple of weeks before Christmas, they won’t have to worry about buying a gift.

Something about this made me feel sad and disappointed. There was no mention of how traumatic it could be to sever a relationship at the holidays, only that the “breaker-upper” wouldn’t incur a cost.

Sometimes people are just mean.

That story simply reinforced why I write and read romance. The world isn’t always a pretty place and our fellow human beings don’t always follow the rules of etiquette or good sense or, well, being human.

When moments like that get me down, in particular around the holidays, I love knowing I can start a new romance and remember how good people can be to each other. Romance isn’t just about kissing scenes and falling in love. To me, it’s about being decent and kind and wanting to take care of another person. Romance is about wanting a better world and wanting it for someone other than ourselves. Romance is about optimism. The world could use some of that right now, don’t you think?

I’m so sick of bad news and news that makes people feel icky. We’ve certainly had our share over the past few weeks, if not months. Every so often, I turn on the local news, craving a good news story but just get more of the bad. Apparently, it sells.

Romance brings me the good news stories my heart needs. It infuses me with hope and nostalgia and excitement. It takes me to places I’ve never visited before and reminds me of other places I’ve loved. It shows me how wonderful it can be when someone cares.

During this holiday season, I do hope we will all make an effort to share some good news and not to spread the bad. Let’s not make the bad stuff go viral.

Let’s make romance and love viral instead.


4 thoughts on “Break ups and bad news. Someone get me a romance novel!

  1. Lovely thoughts. I couldn’t agree more. We need more writers and women like you in the world. For those having their hearts broken today, I’m sorry but look at it this way. You dodged a bullet and you deserve better. Merry Christmas everyone!


  2. I agree I very seldom listen to the news. I am sick of it too. I also am not very proud of being American at the way people are acting. Hopeing with all my heart for a much better year in 2017.


    • I’m sick of it as well, Fran, and not just the news coming from the US. I’ve seen horrible moments from all over the world. Moments of ignorance and hatred. I sincerely hope 2017 brings many changes for us all, and for the better!


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