Lana Lea Short. A Selkie’s Magic.

If you follow me in any way, shape or form, you will understand my love for those mythical selkies. 😉

Therefore, it is a pleasure to welcome author Lana Lea Short today. I’m pleased to introduce you to her book A Selkie’s Magic.


Rosanna, made my day when she asked me to be a guest on her blog. Thank you so much.  We seem to share the same belief a Selkie would make an amazing choice for a hero in our books. A mythical creature of Scottish and Irish folklore who are a little less known than other shifters.

My book came about after having a vivid dream one night.  The dream just wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t silence the voice in my head, which demanded I write his story. A Selkie’s Magic is the first book in my paranormal romance series. My Selkie hero is Kendrick Morgan and the heroine in the story is Aileana Sutherland. She is a Southern California girl who enjoys surfing and being close to the ocean.  She moves to Scotland and lives with her paternal grandmother while healing some emotional wounds.  I hope readers will enjoy my spin on the old Selkie myths.

What a wonderful journey it has been fulfilling a lifelong dream to write a book. I have been an avid reader from the time I was eight years old and discovered libraries.  Libraries were always a place which have held a strong, powerful magical hold over me. In the meantime, I am busy working on the second book in my Selkie series.



This is a scene from the book when Aileana finds out Kendrick is a Selkie.

She spied the seal as he climbed out of the water and onto the rocks. He looked to be her Mr. Seal. He was out beyond the breakers on one of the quartzite pillars which the local seals used to bask in the sun.

The seal seemed to shed his skin of silky black fur. The shape before her was not his true shape. Unexpectedly, there on the rocks stood a large, naked, and powerful man. Had she now completely lost her mind, or could the local legends of the seals being Selkies be true?

As Aileana watched this seal man, he dove into the water and headed to the beach. She tried to remember the tales her Seanmhair had so often told her as a child, about the Selkies of Scotland. Her Seanmhair had told Aileana the Selkies had their own magic. And Selkies had lived in the northern Scottish seas long before the Vikings had even come to this area of the world.

Her Seanmhair had told stories of Selkies who would take a local lass for their lover. She told her, “Guard you heart, for heartache comes to young lassies who fall in love with Selkie men.” She also told her the Selkies were known to leave their lovers and return to their home, the sea. The most fortunate of the women were the ones the Selkies choose for their life mates. Because no human could even hope to compare to having a Selkie lover. Aileana remember asking her Seanmhair what she meant by that statement? But her grandmother had simply laughed and said, “Now, there’s a tale to be told when you’re older.”

Seanmhair also told Aileana she once knew a Selkie when she was a young woman. Aileana was only a child and had paid little attention to these stories when her Seanmhair told the local folk tales. She had believed they were only fairy tales, such as her favorite, Beauty and the Beast. Now she wished she had paid more heed to those tales told to her long ago.

She hid behind a large rock up near the cave because she didn’t want to be seen by the man or seal man, or whatever he was. As he walked closer, she saw it was Kendrick in all his naked glory, and this wasn’t Black’s Beach either. His rock hard, virile body was built like Aileana’s version of Poseidon ‘The God of the Sea’ from what she could see at this distance. Her eyes followed the lines of Kendrick’s well-developed shoulders to his bulging biceps, and down to his hard abs. Her eyes peered further down to deep V below his belly button where the solid ridge of his abs ended. There his thick and incredibly long shaft rested on his heavy man sac. She knew he was large, but holy mother of Eros!

After she gathered her wicked thoughts together, Aileana’s mind came back to the fact of what she had just seen, besides him having a magnificent body. The man she was starting to have feelings for wasn’t a man, but a Selkie! She had feelings for a Selkie! What a mess she was in, and what would she do with this knowledge? Who should she talk to, her grandmother or Kendrick? She needed answers now and not later. Aileana decided she would go and talk to Kendrick first. She needed her answers to come from the not-so-mythical source. The journalist in her needed the true story, even if it was for her ears only.

Aileana waited by the boulder until she saw him walk out of the small sea cave now dressed in his swim trunks. She tried to gather her thoughts and come up with coherent sentences to ask Kendrick the necessary questions. Considering the issue, that would be a rather tricky deal. Would Kendrick even admit what she had seen was real?

Would he be honest with her, or would he try to play it off that she was delusional? She needed the truth and not some child’s fable. Her mind would not rest until she had all the information about the nature of this sea creature or Selkie man.

Book Blurb

Aileana Sutherland is a strong-willed, independent young Southern California surfer who decides to move to Scotland, her father’s homeland. She’s prompted to relocate after an awful heart-wrenching breakup with her boyfriend, who she caught having sex with another woman Scotland is the perfect place to lick her wounds and move on with her life.

There, she runs into a man from her past, Kendrick Morgan. A man with gorgeous long, dark hair with the body of a god; a man with a secret. He happens to be a shape-shifting Selkie Prince, a creature of Celtic myths and legends.

Kendrick and his Selkie clan are tasked with protecting the locals from evil Unseelies in the form of Finfolk. There have been reports of kidnapping, but when Aileana is abducted, will Kendrick be able to save the woman he’s given his heart to?

Author Bio:

I am a paranormal erotic romance writer, born and raised in Southern California.  Reading is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been a book addict since the age of eight.  When I’m not reading I enjoy gardening, cooking and Texas Hold’em Poker. I am married to a wonderful husband who lets me be me, though he may not totally understand his wife’s crazy ways.  I enjoy writing about strong, smart and loving women, who happen to show their softer side when it suits them and the alpha males they’re drawn to.


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