Writers need to go outside sometimes too.

The first rule of writing is to write. Right? I think we can all safely agree on this. Bums in seats does it every time.

Because I work part-time as well, my writing moments are precious to me. When I can spend a day or two writing with no interruption, I feel luxurious and fulfilled. Almost sinful.

However, I have noticed all that time at home alone comes with its own set of challenges. I don’t speak to people other than my family unless I need to run errands. I am enclosed in one room for long periods of time. I rarely move and sometimes forget to eat and drink. Coffee, however, I never forget. I have priorities, you see.

After spending a couple of days in the writing cave, I emerge like a vampire prying open its coffin. My eyes hurt. I’m usually hungry. And let’s just say I’m not my best around people. Sometimes I can spend too much time with my fantasy people and forget how to interact with the real ones. So far, I haven’t bitten anyone….that I can recall.

For that reason, among others, I’m thankful to have a job outside the home. It forces me into the land of the living. It compels me to ask other people how their days are going. Conversation is important…if for no other reason than we must learn how to write effective dialogue. 😉 I jest, of course. I want to know how my friends and coworkers are doing.

Financial stability is important for writers as well. It’s hard to be creative if you’re in debt. I would urge every writer to work outside the home, even if you don’t need to. Royalties are funny. They aren’t always predictable. Personally, I like relying on a regular paycheck.

Let’s not forget we need to experience what the world has to offer as well. At any given time, I know I can draw upon my eclectic work history for any number of interesting anecdotes and fun characters. My work history and hobbies have provided me with so many plot bunnies. Imagination is a wonderful thing, and so is research, but being able to use one’s own experiences is extremely helpful during the writing process.

There. I’ve said enough. Go outside and breathe some fresh(ish) air (provided no massive smog clouds surround your home).

As for me, I’m headed back into my coffin…erm, writing cave.



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