Predator’s Salvation Cover Reveal!

Today I get to reveal a very special cover. Of course, all my books are special to me, but Predator’s Salvation, Gemini Island Shifters 8, means a great deal because it is the final book in my shape shifter series. I am thrilled to reveal Connor and Elaine. Don’t you think artist Dar Albert did an amazing job?  You can see more of her work at:

Thank you, Dar, and everyone at Liquid Silver Publishing.


I love this cover! Not only does it capture the flavor of these romances and their unique setting in Northern Ontario, it captures the essence of the main characters of this romance. Connor, the protective friend-turned-lover, shelters Elaine, the grieving widow. She clings to him, as she longs to do, hiding the pain that has devastated her. And yet we glimpse the animal inside her too, the predator who won’t be denied.

This love story was difficult to write but I’m so glad I explored Connor and Elaine’s story and I hope my readers find it a satisfying conclusion to this series.

Predator’s Salvation releases March 20 at Liquid Silver Publishing.

Please note- if you have not read the previous books, you won’t want to jump ahead, as spoilers will be revealed as you go forward in the series. Do enjoy them in order.

Stay tuned for buy links.

Want to check out the rest of the series? Do so here:



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