Darker, dear author. Darker still.

This week, I’ve done something I haven’t done since I was first published. I’ve begun writing a scary story.

I hadn’t planned to. In fact, it wasn’t even on my radar. However, after reading about a submission call from one of my publishers, my curiosity was piqued.

I’ve built my writing reputation on providing “happily ever after” moments. Could I actually write something that might end in gruesome fashion? Would I even enjoy it?

Here’s the thing. I am having fun. Oh, God, I am having fun! Who knew?

I suppose I should have known. You see, scary stories were my reason for living when I was a kid. From the age of 12, all I read was tales of ghosts, vampires and royal beheadings. Weird kid, huh? I know. It explains a lot.

Even if you look at my romance, my love of the unusual is evident. After all, I think Greek gods might walk among us, I love men who turn into animals and I think seal people are hot. I believe in ghosts and freely admit it. I’ve never seen one (that I know of) but I’m convinced there are levels of consciousness we haven’t yet attained. In other words, I think it’s pretty cool that something else might be “out there.”

I’m not going to spill the beans on this story yet. Knowing me, it’ll probably change five times before I settle on the details.

Does this mean I’m giving up romance and men with abs? No, but I hope this exercise will provide some new insight into writing and light up some new pathways. Hopefully you’ll be seeing this short story in an anthology soon.

And I hope I scare the pants off you.


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A new lease on life for one of my books.

They say cats have nine lives. Books don’t always have the same luck.

This week, one of my books got a second life.

I am so pleased to announce Limitless Publishing has offered me a contract for Vice, my contemporary romance previously published with Samhain Publishing. Having a book in limbo is tough, especially when you know that book has been loved and appreciated by others. I was excited to see so many people respond to this romance and my heroine’s struggles with the world of compulsive gambling. When Vice disappeared from vendor sites, I was heartbroken. There’s really no other way to put it. However, I knew going into this business this outcome was always a possibility. Publishers close. It’s a fact of life now.

I began scoping out other options immediately. I spoke to other authors about their experiences. I submitted, knowing the submission process could continue for months before I got a bite.

I’m thrilled Limitless Publishing has recognized this story and so happy I can once again present it to my readers. The cover will change. Other aspects may change. Right now, even I can’t tell you what comes next. However, I can tell you I’m excited to be on this ride and I know the team at Limitless will provide us with a wonderful package.

This writer feels very lucky right now. I’m not sure I can express how grateful I am to everyone who has supported this romance.

Look for Vice in ebook and print format soon!

Predator’s Salvation release day!

It’s here! I’m excited to announce it’s release day for Predator’s Salvation, the last installment of my Gemini Island Shifters series.

For those still unfamiliar with the series, it has eight books and although I’ve tried my best to write them as stand alone romances, as you get further in the series you will want to read them in order to avoid major spoilers.

I’ve had some great responses to this series and my readers tell me they are sad to see it end. I’m so thrilled it has touched so many hearts. I think I’ve provided a satisfying conclusion and I hope you love Connor and Elaine’s story.


The shape shifters from Gemini Island’s Ursa Resort have been through hell. In the battle with their enemy the Alpha Brethren, they suffered losses and are still dealing with the emotional aftermath. No one in this heroic group has emerged unscathed.

When mountain lion shifter Connor Church lost his best friend, he made a vow to protect his widow and small children. Of everyone on Gemini Island, he knows best how badly the young family has suffered.

Unfortunately, Elaine Gleason hasn’t made it easy for Connor. Drowning in grief, she moved her family far away. When a medical emergency forces them to return, she is confronted by unexpected feelings for Connor, a man who has always been one of her closest friends. Her emotions send her into a tailspin when it becomes clear Connor feels the same way. They fight the attraction, tortured by their loyalty to Elaine’s dead mate.

When a remorseless organ trafficker develops an obsession for Elaine, Connor’s
protective instincts emerge and he realizes his feelings run much deeper than friendship. The friends at the Ursa must do battle once more. But even if they win, can Elaine ever move past her grief and start a new life with Connor?

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Sanctuary Cove. Kate James.

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Sanctuary Cove
by Kate James
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
March 1st 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Can his safe haven be enough for her?

Emma Meadows never imagined that sticking to her principles against an act of corruption by a New York senator would cost her her job as VP of communications. Heartbroken, she retreats to her cottage in the Adirondacks to lick her wounds and, in the process, rescues an injured dog that only Josh Whitmore can save.

The veterinarian works diligently to bring dog and woman back to full fighting form, until allegations against the senator become more serious. Seeing Emma’s reaction to the increasing pressure, Josh realizes that inevitably she’ll find a way back to the top…and he’ll likely lose her for good.

GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & NobleHarlequiniBooks!ndigo

About the Author

Kate spent much of her childhood abroad before attending university in Canada. She built a successful business career, but her passion has always been literature. As a result, Kate turned her energy to her love of the written word. Kate’s goal is to entertain her readers with engaging stories featuring strong, likable characters. Kate has been honored with numerous awards for her writing. She and her husband, Ken, enjoy traveling and the outdoors, with their beloved Labrador Retrievers, Harley and Logan.

Kate would love to hear from you! You can connect with her by email, through her website, her Facebook pageTwitter, or mail at PO Box 446, Schomberg, ON, L0G 1T0, Canada.


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Avoiding my manuscript.

Yes, it’s true. I am avoiding my manuscript.

It began innocently enough. Life has been busy lately. In fact, since Christmas, there’s been a lot going on at my house. I’ve always been the sort of writer who takes pride in writing through the rough moments, the frantic moments. However, eventually life forces you to slow down. Breaks are sometimes unavoidable and, I would argue, necessary.

The problem with breaks is it can be hard to find one’s mojo afterward. Over the holidays, I gave myself permission to slack off a bit. I’ve been doing a lot of extra hours at my day job anyway. It’s not as if I wasn’t working. I just wasn’t writing much.

When I finally began this book, the second in my Handymen series, I suspected something was wrong with the plot. I started it over several times. I changed up the main characters, the whole nine yards. However, it still felt wrong.

And so I’ve been avoiding it.

I chose to call it “giving myself some time away.” Perspective is good, right? Hindsight is 20/20 and all that crap.

However, when I returned to it, the problems were still there and now I’m forced to deal with them.

I took the opportunity to make this time away more constructive. I sent my first few chapters to my good buddy Selena Robins. Have you met her? She’s awesome.

“Tell me what you think of these chapters, please, Selena. I think they might be bullshit.” (Okay, I may have phrased it more diplomatically but we all know this is what I was thinking.)

Guess what? Selena, the wonderful, talented woman, confirmed my suspicions. She let me know I was onto a good thing but that my problem was structure. Too much back story at the beginning of the book. Damn, I knew that but for some reason didn’t trust my instincts. Which leads me to another point: writers, be honest with yourselves and trust your instincts.

So I can’t really avoid this book anymore. I know exactly what I need to do and now I need to do it.

*Rosanna clicks on document and pauses*

Of course, I did notice some dust bunnies on the staircase. I should probably sweep them up.

I’ll write this book. I promise.

Maybe tomorrow.


Reading, renovations and reversion of rights, or writing amidst the madness.

This week is a weird one. Actually, this entire month is going to be a challenge for me as far as getting any writing done. To be honest, I think I may have to write the entire month off. If I manage any writing at all, it’ll be a miracle. I have my doubts as to what I’ve written so far anyway.

Simply put, my mind is elsewhere.

For one thing, my house is in shambles. Well, the nerve center anyway. Yep, you guessed it, the kitchen. For the first time ever, my family and I are going through a kitchen renovation. The room is gutted. Cupboards, floors, electrical, it’s all being replaced. Some people thrive on decorating. Not me. I’m terrified I’ll make bad decisions. Luckily, I have the best contractor in the world on my side. If you ever need a guy, boy, I have a guy for you. Call Joe. he’s awesome.

On top of that, I’ve been asked to judge a few entries in a local romance writing contest. I was tickled to be included, and especially as a judge. I had no idea how much work would be involved. I’m thrilled to be able to offer my feedback to budding writers but I want to do them justice. The reading involved is extensive and the notes even more so. It’s hard to write my own stories when I have several others occupying my mind, but it’s okay. It’s worth it. I’m happy for the opportunity to give back.

At the same time, I’ve been asked to take part in a series of training sessions at my day job. Again, I’m honored to be asked and I’m already comfortable with the material but it’s one more thing to think about and requires preparation.  My schedule at this job has also changed and I’ve had to start adapting…and quickly.

And then, as my readers will know, I have been waiting on the reversion of rights letter for Vice, my contemporary romance. This publisher has closed and it has brought up all sorts of emotions for me and so many others. I have had to make a lot of decisions about where I want to go with my writing and it hasn’t been easy. In some ways, I feel as if I am starting from scratch again, even though I know that’s not the case.

Over the past week, I’ve watched Vice disappear from all the vendor sites.  It’s a surreal experience, seeing your work just vanish like that. I know I’ll find a new home for it but it does give one pause. I’m just so thankful I have some remaining print copies in my possession. There’s no sense dwelling on it or indulging the temptation to linger in the old “pit of despair.” I can’t allow that. I have to keep moving forward. Besides, I’m under no illusion I have it bad. Others have it worse. These things happen. It’s sad but it, in no way, defines anyone involved. And frankly, who has time for the pit of despair?

My writing has had to take a back seat to all this. Sometimes it’s hard to be creative when life is sucking the energy out of you. And that’s okay. That’s how it goes. We move on. We adapt.

And if we can’t write about it in the moment, you can bet we’re taking notes for next time.


Christa Maurice. Try a Little Tenderness.

Try a Little Tenderness

Release date: March 7th


Sometimes you have to try a little harder for what you want.

Taylor Elgin was a child star, but keeping her career as an adult is frustrating. Now executives want to cut her part unless she garners more audience appeal. Her producer has a perfect plan. Match her character up with a fan favorite played by hot guy and terrible actor Ryan Asher. It would be easier to just quit…

Ryan had a crush on Taylor when he was a kid and is thrilled to be partnered with her now. But does a guy carrying the scars of an abusive childhood deserve America’s Little Girl? And then to learn she never wanted to work with him in the first place? There’s no reason to even try…

Price: $3.99, on sale for $2.99 until March 20th

Buy links:


Barnes & Noble




Free series preview available at: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/YloWu


They knew. They all knew. Ryan drove to Taylor’s. He had to clear his stuff out of her place before she got home. He wouldn’t have to see her until next week on set and they’d have to figure out how to work around her disgust for the sake of the show. At least if everybody knew, she wouldn’t be able to blackmail him.
He bundled his dirty laundry into a trash bag and tossed his toiletries on top. Then he took one last walk through of the apartment. Her bed where they had made love so often. The amethyst necklace he’d given her on the dresser beside her jewelry box. Her bathroom where she made herself so stunning. And where they had made love a couple of times. The living room. Her color coordinated Christmas tree was still up. The lights were turned on, casting a soft white glow on the room. The first season of Vikings sat beside the DVD player. He grabbed his trash bag and left the apartment.
Gale and Devi were in the living room dressed for clubbing when he yanked open the front door.
“Whoa, what happened to you?” Gale asked.
“She knows. She fucking knows.” Ryan threw the garbage bag of his belongings against the wall. His dirty laundry tumbled across the floor.
“Fuck,” Gale said. Devi retreated into the dining room.
Mick thundered down the stairs in sweats. “What happened? Did she find out? Shit. Shit!”
“How did she find out?”
“Mrs. Spencer was at the party.” Ryan couldn’t breathe. His throat clotted with grief. It wasn’t supposed to happen this soon. He should have had a few more days at least.
“Mrs. Spencer told her?” Mick demanded. “Fuck. What are we gonna do?”
The woman who had been sleeping in Ryan’s bed the other day came down the stairs but stopped on the bottom step. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a gym bag over her shoulder.
“I don’t even know if I still have a job.” Ryan rubbed his forehead.
“Text Marty and ask him,” Gale said. “It’s not like you were an extra. You were a regular cast member.”
“Do you really think Marty is going to want Ryan on his show now?” Mick demanded.
“He was a regular cast member,” Gale repeated.
Ryan pulled out his phone. He texted Marty, “do I still have a job?” he stared at the phone, but no response came.
“What happened?” the new roommate asked.
“Taylor was talking to Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Spencer pointed at me and Taylor puked all over her.” Ryan dug his fingers into his hair.
“Taylor puked on Mrs. Spencer?” Gale said. “Awesome. Bitch deserved it.”
“Jesus. I knew she’d be disgusted, but that’s something else.” Mick shook his head.
Ryan closed his eyes. Tears leaked from under his lashes. Everything up in smoke. All day, until Taylor got sick, had been magic. They had sun and sand and waves, and she was so happy. If he had died two hours ago it would have been perfect. His phone rang. Marty.
“Aren’t you going to answer it?” Devi asked. She hadn’t come back into the living room, but the new girl had moved to stand beside him.
“I don’t want to talk to him.” Marty loved Taylor. She was like a daughter to him. Marty had to be beyond pissed.
“Then I’ll answer it.” The new girl held out her hand.
Ryan pressed the phone to his chest. “No. I don’t want anybody to talk to him.” His phone stopped ringing. “They know where I live. They’ll come looking for me.” His phone started ringing again.
“Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not that bad,” the new girl said.
“Fuck you. What do you know about it?” His phone stopped ringing.
“We are all fucked,” Mick said. “Without Space Odyssey, we can afford this place for another month if we don’t eat. I’ve got the one modeling gig coming. Tanya Bauer will pay, don’t you think? Gale, you have a couple of cleaning jobs and I’ve got my PR clients.”
“Don’t kid yourself,” Gale said. “Do you think anybody is going to want us in their house now? And your PR clients are gone when you can’t keep our own past under wraps.”
“I can earn two, three hundred bucks a night. I’ll just take more nights.” The new girl shrugged.
Ryan’s phone buzzed with a text. Everyone stared at it.
“What does it say?” Devi asked.
Ryan read the screen twice. “Yes, you have a job.” The phone buzzed with a second text. “Where are you?”
“Okay, you have a job. That’s good.” Mick raked his fingers through his hair.
“I have a job where I have to pretend to fall in love with Taylor over the next four months. I have to see her every day and know how disgusted she is by me.” His throat felt like it was tied in knots.

Christa Maurice spends a lot of time lost in imagination. When not writing, she loves to travel and has spent several years living overseas. She spent four years living in Abu Dhabi where the temperature was always hot, the sunrise and sunset were pretty stable year ‘round and she could go weeks without speaking to a man who wasn’t selling her groceries. You know that happens to a woman living in what amounts to a harem situation? She spends a lot of time talking about shoes and thinking about men. Which brings us right back to being lost in imagination…






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