Avoiding my manuscript.

Yes, it’s true. I am avoiding my manuscript.

It began innocently enough. Life has been busy lately. In fact, since Christmas, there’s been a lot going on at my house. I’ve always been the sort of writer who takes pride in writing through the rough moments, the frantic moments. However, eventually life forces you to slow down. Breaks are sometimes unavoidable and, I would argue, necessary.

The problem with breaks is it can be hard to find one’s mojo afterward. Over the holidays, I gave myself permission to slack off a bit. I’ve been doing a lot of extra hours at my day job anyway. It’s not as if I wasn’t working. I just wasn’t writing much.

When I finally began this book, the second in my Handymen series, I suspected something was wrong with the plot. I started it over several times. I changed up the main characters, the whole nine yards. However, it still felt wrong.

And so I’ve been avoiding it.

I chose to call it “giving myself some time away.” Perspective is good, right? Hindsight is 20/20 and all that crap.

However, when I returned to it, the problems were still there and now I’m forced to deal with them.

I took the opportunity to make this time away more constructive. I sent my first few chapters to my good buddy Selena Robins. Have you met her? She’s awesome.

“Tell me what you think of these chapters, please, Selena. I think they might be bullshit.” (Okay, I may have phrased it more diplomatically but we all know this is what I was thinking.)

Guess what? Selena, the wonderful, talented woman, confirmed my suspicions. She let me know I was onto a good thing but that my problem was structure. Too much back story at the beginning of the book. Damn, I knew that but for some reason didn’t trust my instincts. Which leads me to another point: writers, be honest with yourselves and trust your instincts.

So I can’t really avoid this book anymore. I know exactly what I need to do and now I need to do it.

*Rosanna clicks on document and pauses*

Of course, I did notice some dust bunnies on the staircase. I should probably sweep them up.

I’ll write this book. I promise.

Maybe tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Avoiding my manuscript.

    • I’m afraid not yet. It’s one of the stories that got caught in limbo. Samhain was going to publish it hut then they announced their closure. I’m currently figuring out my best options for this one. Thanks!


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