A new lease on life for one of my books.

They say cats have nine lives. Books don’t always have the same luck.

This week, one of my books got a second life.

I am so pleased to announce Limitless Publishing has offered me a contract for Vice, my contemporary romance previously published with Samhain Publishing. Having a book in limbo is tough, especially when you know that book has been loved and appreciated by others. I was excited to see so many people respond to this romance and my heroine’s struggles with the world of compulsive gambling. When Vice disappeared from vendor sites, I was heartbroken. There’s really no other way to put it. However, I knew going into this business this outcome was always a possibility. Publishers close. It’s a fact of life now.

I began scoping out other options immediately. I spoke to other authors about their experiences. I submitted, knowing the submission process could continue for months before I got a bite.

I’m thrilled Limitless Publishing has recognized this story and so happy I can once again present it to my readers. The cover will change. Other aspects may change. Right now, even I can’t tell you what comes next. However, I can tell you I’m excited to be on this ride and I know the team at Limitless will provide us with a wonderful package.

This writer feels very lucky right now. I’m not sure I can express how grateful I am to everyone who has supported this romance.

Look for Vice in ebook and print format soon!

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