Darker, dear author. Darker still.

This week, I’ve done something I haven’t done since I was first published. I’ve begun writing a scary story.

I hadn’t planned to. In fact, it wasn’t even on my radar. However, after reading about a submission call from one of my publishers, my curiosity was piqued.

I’ve built my writing reputation on providing “happily ever after” moments. Could I actually write something that might end in gruesome fashion? Would I even enjoy it?

Here’s the thing. I am having fun. Oh, God, I am having fun! Who knew?

I suppose I should have known. You see, scary stories were my reason for living when I was a kid. From the age of 12, all I read was tales of ghosts, vampires and royal beheadings. Weird kid, huh? I know. It explains a lot.

Even if you look at my romance, my love of the unusual is evident. After all, I think Greek gods might walk among us, I love men who turn into animals and I think seal people are hot. I believe in ghosts and freely admit it. I’ve never seen one (that I know of) but I’m convinced there are levels of consciousness we haven’t yet attained. In other words, I think it’s pretty cool that something else might be “out there.”

I’m not going to spill the beans on this story yet. Knowing me, it’ll probably change five times before I settle on the details.

Does this mean I’m giving up romance and men with abs? No, but I hope this exercise will provide some new insight into writing and light up some new pathways. Hopefully you’ll be seeing this short story in an anthology soon.

And I hope I scare the pants off you.


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4 thoughts on “Darker, dear author. Darker still.

  1. I love how you keep pushing yourself to try new things and to move outside your comfort zones to expand your writing acumen. Best of luck on your story, and hope to see it sometime soon(ish). (And don’t think I’ve forgotten about that vampire story you’ve semi-promised me either 😉 I can be patient though 😉 )


    • You’re the best, Michelle. Thanks for remembering my vampire. This current story may very well pave the way for the vamps. I’ve been in CR mode for a while and now the PNR is flowing again. I appreciate your kind support!


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