Adding new content to a previously published book.

This writing journey provides so many adventures. I’m set to tackle one I’ve never experienced before and, I must admit, I find it daunting.

As my readers may know, my contemporary romance Vice will be republished with Limitless Publishing on Sept. 19. I am so excited to see this happen and very grateful.

My new publisher has asked me to provide some bonus content, something along the lines of a bonus scene, character interview, a mock journal entry or whatever I think my readers would enjoy. Sound great, right? After all, if I’m going to ask readers to take a renewed interest in Vice, I need to make sure it offers them something new.

But, boy, I am struggling with this idea. Why? Well, I finished Vice a few years ago. I left the world of Kate and Liam behind. In a sense, I totally disassociated from their hardships, their day-to-day lives, even their love affair. It was complete when it went to publication the first time and I never expected to have to get into those mindsets again.

Now I do.

I have a sense this is going to be a fun challenge but also one that brings up emotions for me. If you recall, this book was based on how I felt having a compulsive gambler as a father. It was a hard book to write. When I shut the door on that world, I locked it, knowing I’d never have to look back. Readers have asked me if I’d make it a series. I can’t, I just can’t. I wrote about that addiction. I can’t write about it again.

And yet now I have to at least dip my toe in the pool once more. I don’t anticipate the bonus content with have much to do with Kate’s father. If anything, I’d like to concentrate more on Kate and Liam, and perhaps explore the beginnings of their relationship. Some readers asked me for a glimpse into their future. Perhaps that would be fun as well.

I would love to have your input. If you read Vice the first time, please tell me what would make you pick it up a second time?


8 thoughts on “Adding new content to a previously published book.

  1. I have to admit being a fan of Kristen Ashley and one of the things she often does is have epilogues (and even second epilogues) where you get to catch up on the characters months or years later. I remember reading once that you’re not a fan of the epilogue, but maybe it is something to consider. I know that I would enjoy seeing where the couple is at a few years later.


    • Thanks, Lisa. I totally hear you. Actually, I may have amended my thoughts on epilogues. I’ve read some effective ones lately. I am flirting with that idea, for sure. I think I’d like to expand on different bits of the story as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It really helps!

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  2. Hmm. It’s been awhile since I read Vice and I know I’ve forgotten some of the details toward the end. I’d probably agree with lisaemme that an epilogue showing us where they’re at some time later might be good, and may be easier on you? Leave the door firmly shut on Kate’s father and move forward. Explore the positives that came out of the whole mess as a way to further illustrate that things can get better if you’re willing to make the hard choices that need to be made sometimes to get out of the bad place. Or what about Kate’s friend whose husband had a problem as well? Maybe check in with them? I admit I forget how their situation ended exactly in the book but maybe there are loose threads there that could be tied up more?


    • Thanks so much for this, Michelle! I like the idea of tying up any remaining loose ends. An epilogue is starting to sound good, now that I think about it. I don’t think Kate’s father will be redeemed, unfortunately. I appreciate you offering your thoughts!


  3. That must be hard when you feel you’ve wrapped things up but their journey was just beginning at the end and I’d love a little more with Kate singing in her new environment and some more of their banter and heat. I am so happy its getting a fresh, new start. Vice is on my 50 favorites list. Thanks Rosanna, love keeping up with your updates!


    • Oh, wow, thanks so much, Luv My Books! I am honoured and overwhelmed to be on your top 50 list! It seems to be the consensus that people want an epilogue and a look into their future. I can’t argue there. I’m so pleased you commented today and I appreciate the input!


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