Call for Submissions: Corbeau Halloween Anthology 2017

I’m so excited to be a part of this Hallowe’en anthology! Many thanks to Jessica Cale and her awesome team at Corbeau Media. If you have a scary story ready to submit, check it out!

Corbeau Media

CORBEAU MEDIA (2)Corbeau Media invites you to submit your horror novellas for inclusion in our first annual Halloween Anthology.

As you can probably guess from the decor, Halloween is far and away the favorite holiday of the staff here at Corbeau. Once the trick-or-treating is done, we like nothing better than to gather round the campfire, monster make-up dripping down our faces, flashlights gripped in our sweaty palms, to hear some good old-fashioned ghost stories. The problem with the old-fashioned stories, however, is that we know when the bump in the night is coming. Therefore, we would like to invite you to give us a fresh fright by submitting your short horror story to the first annual Corbeau Horror Anthology, 2017.

Although our grim fascination with all things historical and/or romantic continues to border on obsession, we will be also considering submissions which do not feed this burgeoning disorder. All submissions should…

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5 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Corbeau Halloween Anthology 2017

  1. I am really not into horror stories but would like to check you entry out so will probably get it then send it to my daughter who does love them.


    • You’re so awesome, Fran. That would be very nice if your daughter wants to check it out. And I’ll catch you on the romance flipside! 😉


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