Looking for some great romances to review?

Let’s face it. Some of us love to share how we feel about the books we read. As an author, I can tell you we appreciate every review, no matter how short. It means so much to us when someone takes the time to pen a few words about our works.

Are you looking for some great romances to review? Look no further!

Simply head over to  http://bookboyfriendbedhop.com/free-readreview-books/ and sign up for the ones you’d like. You might even find one of my paranormal romances among this list (hint, hint, Predator’s Kiss!)

Have fun, happy reading and thank you!



3 thoughts on “Looking for some great romances to review?

  1. Hello I love the book. I like the characters.Ryland is a alpha who is all man. You wrote his character strong and vulnerable. Ella Medley 😘


    • Thanks so much, Ella! I’m glad you were able to read the book and I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! I hope you get a chance to experience the rest of the series.


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