Kelsey McKnight. His Tarnished Ruby.

Title: His Tarnished Ruby
Series: The Scottish Stone Series #3
Author: Kelsey McKnight
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: September 19, 2017
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


Flora MacLeod is a gem among women—a fiery ruby who dreams of true love. 

However, the one man she desires is the one man forbidden to her, leaving her no choice but to hatch a plot to force their marriage. But it turns out that her beloved has more than one secret and leaves her behind, a ruined woman. 

She flees Scotland, taking her tarnished reputation with her, where she finds more than sanctuary—she finds a man who promises to love her, just as she is.

But when her tainted past comes to light and a shadowed figure comes to call, will Flora be forced to abandon her one chance at happiness for a life of misery?


From Scottish lairds to billionaire businessmen, Kelsey McKnight will ignite your soul, no matter what century it lives in.

Kelsey is a university-educated historian from southern New Jersey. She has married her great loves of romance, history, and literature to create her newly finished works, “The Scottish Stone Series”. This collection takes readers on a journey through the bustling streets of Victorian London and into the lush hills of the Scottish Highlands. Her second book, a contemporary romance titled “The Non-Disclosure Agreement”, is also available now and features a bad boy politician and the small town girl that could change his ways. When she’s not writing, Kelsey can be found reading, drinking too much coffee, spending time with her family, and working for two separate nonprofit organizations.


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Release day! Vice, Vegas Sins 1.

I hope you’ll pardon me if I indulge in a little squealing and “happy dancing” today.

Vice, Vegas Sins 1, is now available!

You can now find this hot contemporary romance at Amazon, in ebook and print format. It continues to be FREE at KindleUnlimited.

Buy  Link

Las Vegas has it all—casinos, gambling, money, and women. For a handsome business entrepreneur, it’s paradise.

Wearing success like a well-tailored suit, it’s business as usual for Liam Doyle while he runs his multi-million-dollar empire…until a pesky protester catches his attention.

Staging a one-woman demonstration, Kate Callender has the potential to be a huge pain in his ass. If he doesn’t take care of her soon, there will be bad publicity slapped all over Vice, the newest addition to his chain of casinos.

But there’s one tiny problem Liam didn’t count on—the feisty redhead isn’t about to go down easily. She’s fighting him every step of the way…and he’s starting to like it.

** I’d like to thank everyone at Crave Publishing and Limitless Publishing for their support of this book. I’m so happy to be a Crave author.

Selena Robins. What a Girl Wants.

I’m so excited to see my pal, and fantastic author, Selena Robins with a reboot of What a Girl Wants. I adored the sense of humour in this romance and the major swoon factor.

Please check out her awesome new cover and one-click this one as soon as you’re able!

If you enjoy a friends-to-lovers themed romantic comedy with a splash of mystery, a big dose of sensuality, and a hero and heroine who will make you laugh and have you wanting to hang out with them, then WHAT A GIRL WANTS is a book that has all that and more.

“Life’s a beach. Then you have sex on it.”

Travel journalist Maddie Saunders has a new attitude, and wants two new accessories to go with it. One, turn her triple-X fantasies into reality with Mr. Sex-On-Legs—her friend, Alex Donovan. And two, find her biological father to see if her gene pool has a deep end. She never expected fulfilling both wishes would take her life down a drastically different path.

Alex, an investigative reporter, grits his teeth when he accepts a joint assignment to Hawaii with Maddie. He’s vowed to never get involved with any woman he can’t walk away from. Maddie falls under the heading of “Look, but don’t touch”. Trouble is, she excels at giving him a hard time—in more ways than one.
He manages to fend off her guerilla seduction tactics until a bone-melting kiss throws his resolve into the ocean. Complicated? Absolutely. Especially when he discovers the real reason they were sent to the island…
Warning: Side effects may include but not limited to, spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter, hot flashes, and dangerous chocolate cravings. Contents include one kick-ass heroine and a sex-on-legs hero whose kiss could singe the eyebrows off a mannequin. Can be read in bed with someone special or a BOB (battery operated boyfriend). Please note: Batteries not included.

Buy Link

Anise Eden. All the Light There Is.

Many congratulations to Anise Eden on the release of All The Light There Is, book 3 in her Healing Edge series!

All the Light There Is

(The Healing Edge,

Book Three)

by Anise Eden

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Suspense

Publisher: Diversion Books

Date of Publication: September 12, 2017

The highly anticipated finale to the Healing Edge series that began with All The Broken Places, recipient of the Paranormal Romance Guild’s 2016 Reviewer’s Choice Award

Psychotherapist Cate Duncan is done with danger. Her training at the MacGregor Group’s parapsychology clinic has brought one crisis after another. So when Skeet, her research colleague, offers Cate and her boss-turned-boyfriend Ben a working vacation at his secluded hunting lodge, they jump at the chance.

But the idyllic Mercier Lodge is teeming with secrets: Skeet’s unorthodox research methods, a tragic death that occurred at the lodge over a year ago, and its connection to Cate’s past.

As they delve into Mercier’s unsavory history, Ben and Cate stick close together, trusting in their love for each other to keep them safe. But when a scheme separates them, Cate must rely on the MacGregor Group’s paranormal abilities, some surprise allies, and her own determination to track Ben down and crack Mercier’s mysteries before the strange place claims any more victims.

Amazon  (also on Kindle Unlimited!)   Barnes&Noble



The bedroom itself was all warm colors and fabrics that invited touching. I fell backward onto the bed, ready to hash out everything that had happened over coffee. But when Ben came in, he held his finger over his mouth in a silencing gesture. He was carrying some kind of small device. It unfolded into the sort of metal sculpture you might see on an office desk. He placed it on the windowsill, concealed behind the curtain.

“What is that?” I mouthed when he turned back towards me.

“It’s okay, we can talk now,” he said. “It’s a scrambler. It’ll disrupt any attempts at surveillance in this room. We’ll each have one.”

“Seriously? You really think we’re being bugged, or tapped, or something?”

“No,” he said in a tone that sounded more like “probably.” “Just erring on the side of caution.”

I was shaking my head when a gauzy white canopy over the bed caught my eye. “Is that—mosquito netting?”

Ben reached up and rubbed the fabric between his fingers. “It is. Obviously, they’re going for authenticity here.”

For some reason, his dry tone made me giggle, and in spite of the fact that there was nothing funny about the situation, I found that I couldn’t stop. I curled up on the bed, then stretched out spread-eagle as laughter overtook me. Ben just looked down at me, rubbing his jaw.

Between guffaws, I managed, “Don’t you get how absurd all of this is? We come here to investigate whether Skeet’s up to something sinister and find out I’m part owner of the Death Star! Oh!” Then the thought of another Star Wars comparison threw me into gales of laughter. “And my father might have been Darth Vader! Oh my god—and I dressed up as Princess Leia one Halloween!” I rolled onto my stomach, grabbing a pillow to laugh into so that the whole lodge wouldn’t hear.

I felt the mattress sink beside me as Ben joined me on the bed. The waves of laughter gradually slowed until they were just occasional lurches. The outburst had drained the tension from my body, and I felt limp. I turned my head to look at Ben, who was half-reclining next to me. He reached out and rested his hand between my shoulder blades, then began to rub slow, wide circles on my back. The last of the jerky laughter stopped as my body entered a relaxed trance. “Mmm.” My eyelids fell closed.

“Princess Leia, huh?”

“Yeah. My mom put my hair in those rolly side buns and everything.”

“I should warn you, I had a crush on Leia back in the day.”

I opened one eye and looked at him. “Really?”

“Absolutely.” He arched an inquisitive eyebrow. “Any chance you had the hots for Han Solo?”

“Why?” As soon as I asked, it dawned on me. Ben’s hand dropped away as I rolled onto my side and propped myself up on my elbow, grinning. “Did you dress up as him?”

Ben nodded solemnly. “My mother may have photographic evidence.”

“Hah!” I loved the thought of little Ben trick-or-treating in a Han Solo costume. “I am so talking to your mother when we get home. I want to see every single photo album. But why didn’t you dress up as your namesake, Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi?”

“You’re disappointed?” Ben frowned. “You had a thing for Obi-Wan Kenobi?”

“Of course not! He was old enough to be my grandfather. I much preferred Han Solo.”

He reached over and squeezed my hip, then ran his hand up over my waist until it came to rest on the side of my ribcage. I gasped, hoping beyond hope that his fingers would continue their journey upward…. But no such luck. Instead, Ben just gave me a sideways smile and said, “At your service, Princess.”

“If only.” I reached up and stroked his hand, teasing the soft skin between his fingers. “You do realize that Leia gives the orders; she doesn’t take them. And she doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, either.”

“Hmm.” He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed me on the palm, sending a shiver through me. “This Leia sounds pretty headstrong. Good thing she has Han Solo to look out for her.”

About the Author:

Before becoming an award-winning author, ANISE EDEN wanted to be a wildlife photographer. Unfortunately, a strong aversion to large insects, poisonous snakes, and sharks―along with a cat allergy that might well extend to tigers―limited that career option. Also, Anise always roots for the gazelle, and we all know how that usually turns out. Fortunately, Anise’s voracious hunger for reading kept her occupied, eventually morphing into a passion for writing quirky stories filled with heart, humor, and imagination. Anise loves that through writing, she can live out any adventure she likes without the need for antivenom or antihistamines.

Visit her online at








We should never be too busy to express gratitude. #UpbeatAuthors.

In my library work, I get to meet a lot of different people. I’m always taken aback when a parent teaches their young child to “say thank you to the lady.” I suppose I’m taken aback because I just don’t hear it very much anymore. It’s certainly an occasion when a parent makes it clear “we aren’t leaving until you say thank you.”

Somewhere along the line, we stopped expressing gratitude. Or, at least, we are so distracted by our phones that we forget to thank those who’ve helped us.

When I was young, my mother taught me the art of writing a thank you note. At the time, I thought it was tedious. However, she would buy me pretty note papers and cards and after a short time, I loved writing thank you notes. And I can honestly say, not only did it make people happy, it opened doors for me. People remember that sort of thing. One thank you note caught the attention of my future husband. When I wrote him a note to thank him for a drive home from a work function, he said he knew he was interested in seeing me. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yes, notes are now emails or texts, but I would argue the sentiment is still the same. It’s even more powerful face to face. Most of the time at my library job, I encounter people who don’t even make eye contact, never mind thanking me for my help. It boggles the mind. I can’t even imagine asking someone for help and not thanking them. What does it cost us? Nothing. In fact, it benefits both sides.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. I believe when we express it, we send a message to the universe. When we do good things, good things come back to us. We feel  happier. We stop taking things and people for granted.

Thank you for reading this post today and for following my blog and books. I hope I’ve inspired you to go out and thank the people in your lives today.

Preorder Vice, Vegas Sins 1. FREE at Amazon! #amreading

Vice, Vegas Sins 1, is now available for preorder at Amazon! And the best part? It’s free at Kindle Unlimited.

Preorder here!

Las Vegas has it all—casinos, gambling, money, and women. For a handsome business entrepreneur, it’s paradise.

Wearing success like a well-tailored suit, it’s business as usual for Liam Doyle while he runs his multi-million-dollar empire…until a pesky protester catches his attention.

Staging a one-woman demonstration, Kate Callender has the potential to be a huge pain in his ass. If he doesn’t take care of her soon, there will be bad publicity slapped all over Vice, the newest addition to his chain of casinos.

But there’s one tiny problem Liam didn’t count on—the feisty redhead isn’t about to go down easily. She’s fighting him every step of the way…and he’s starting to like it.


“You,” she said on a breath.

“Me.” His enticing blue eyes traveled up and down the length of her, one eyebrow raised in frank admiration. “You obviously didn’t do your homework.”

Outrage surged through her system. “Why didn’t you tell me who you were yesterday? Why did you let me embarrass myself like that?”

The smirk disappeared, to be replaced by a mild expression of boredom. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. I always try to size up the competition.”

Doyle walked toward her, his large hand extended. The light in his eyes now hinted not so much at merriment as it did danger. She caught a whiff of her favorite men’s cologne by Michael Kors. She’d bought it for an old boyfriend once, but it smelled way better on Liam, as if it were an extension of his persona.

His entire ensemble, designer suit, pressed pants, and navy blue paisley tie, reeked of power and privilege that drew her like a moth to a flame. Damn, she’d always been a sucker for a man in a good suit. Get a hold of yourself, Kate. He’s hot, but so is the Devil.

He kept his hand out. “Please allow me to introduce myself properly. I’m Liam Doyle.” His gaze drifted toward her neckline and back up again. “I think you’ve heard of me.”

Wishing she didn’t have to, she took his hand. Electricity shot through her and that damned perspiration appeared on her upper lip again. His grip was that of a man who took what he wanted, when he wanted.

She held her head high. “Kate Callender.”

He held her hand for a moment, his gaze locked on hers. He then gestured toward the counter, where a teak tray was laden with biscuits and what smelled like expensive coffee. No Folgers crystals for this guy. “Coffee?”

“No, thank you.”



“So we’re done with the niceties, then?”

“I didn’t come here for niceties.”

“Then you’ve come to the right place.” Liam sat on one of the couches, motioning for her to do the same. She continued to stand. Something in his wolf-like gaze hardened even further. “Ms. Callender, why are you picketing my casino?”

His direct question set her even more on edge. She cleared her throat. “I have a right to protest what I see as wrong.”

His grim smile might have made a grown man sweat, but she didn’t look away. “Let me put this another way. Las Vegas is home to numerous casinos. Why mine?”

“If I’m trying to make a point, it only stands to reason I’d pick the most popular casino. I suppose I should congratulate you. Only open for two days, and Vice is already a hit. You must be so proud.”

“Yes. Despite having my grand opening spoiled.”

“Oh.” She inclined her head in mock sympathy. “I’m so not sorry.”

He peered at her, narrowing his eyes. “Are you a Bible-thumper?”


“Campaigning politician?

Despite her unease, she laughed. “Do I look like Hilary Clinton?”

He looked her up and down, as if her vocation were scrawled somewhere on her and he simply needed to find it. “Aspiring actress? This is probably a publicity stunt to get you viral on YouTube? Trying to get an audition here as a showgirl? Sorry, I don’t use them. The whole concept is dated and demeaning to my female clientele.”

Okay, he got some points for that statement. “I’m not a dancer. I’m a singer.”

It was his turn to laugh. Despite the bitter tone, his deep timber called to her. “Same difference.” He stood. “I’m not auditioning you, Ms. Callender, as fun as it would be to get you on the casting couch.” And there he lost those points again. “Have a nice day.”

“Wait! I’m not trying to get an audition. You need to listen to me.” In a nervous reaction, she fingered the pearl choker at her neck, the one thing she had left of her mother. The one thing her father hadn’t pawned.

Doyle turned back to her, one brow raised. “No, I don’t.” He eyed how she gripped her choker. “So you can take your fake pearl necklace and your sneakers and your attitude and go home.”

Her attitude? “No. You let me up here. I’m not leaving until you hear me out.” She let go of the choker and let her hands fall to her sides. “And my pearls aren’t fake.”

“Why are you here, Ms. Callender? Did you lose money at one of my casinos on your last night out with the girls?”

She didn’t want to dignify that with a response, but a smug statement like that couldn’t go unchallenged. “I’m not a gambler.”

He leaned against the armrest of the cushy couch and surveyed her through hooded eyes. “Ah, and now we come to the crux of the matter. So, you’re a do-gooder. Let me guess. Gam-Anon?”

“New Horizons.”

“Never heard of them.”

“That doesn’t mean we don’t exist. And unfortunately, there are lots of us. Far too many. What does that tell you, Mr. Doyle?”

Liam’s lips twitched into a smile that appeared slightly more friendly than his poker face, as if he enjoyed their banter. He loosened his tie, but his focused gaze continued to grate on her nerves. She stared at the strip of indigo silk at his throat, and was struck by a bizarre and unbidden image.

Her, on his bed. Her hands bound with his expensive tie.

The strange pounding in her head must have been her racing heart. Where did that come from? Focus, Kate, focus.

“I’m not just here because it’s something I believe in. I’m here because my group gets bigger every goddamn week,” she said, concentrating on the task at hand, rather than Liam Doyle’s bed. Lisa’s sad face appeared in her mind, as well as those of her children, the ones who’d spent the last two nights crying for their daddy. Kate blinked away the tears which threatened and aimed her burning gaze at Doyle. “I don’t respect your work, Mr. Doyle. And I don’t respect you.”

From the furrow of his brow, Kate thought she’d struck a nerve. His tanned skin seemed paler. After a moment, he said, “So you’re trying to take down my casino with a one-woman picket line? No offense, but I’ve seen better protests at a garage sale.”

“I’m trying to create awareness.” Kate stood, having already had enough of their uncomfortable conversation. “I’m not a fool. My intention is not to shut down Las Vegas, or your casino. That’ll never happen. But if I can make a small dent in the wallet of the Strip’s wealthiest hustler during his opening week, then maybe people will take notice. Have you never thought about the addictions riding your customers? Have you ever spent time chatting with the compulsive gamblers downstairs? Because I bet you’d hear a lot of stories. And believe me, the worst ones are the ones they don’t tell.” She paused for breath. “My friend’s husband is probably down there right now, feeding your slot machines instead of his kids.”

“Hold on. Don’t pin that on me.”

“Oh? Who do I pin it on?”

“Look, if you want a donation, I already make plenty. Believe me, I make regular donations to people like Gam-Anon. You know, legitimate charities.”

“I’m not here for money, but clearly you are.” The words spilled out of her, kick-started by adrenaline. “You’re a wealthy man. Did you have to open casinos? Were they such a passion for you? Couldn’t you have opened, I don’t know, a supermarket chain instead? Or was that not sexy enough for the great Liam Doyle?”

His lips compressed. Had her comment hit home? Good.

“You have no right…”

“I have every right.” Her face was burning now. “If I can save even a few lost souls from places like this, then I’ll sleep a whole lot easier.”

She had to get out before she started crying. She wanted to leave with her head held high. Leave him thinking. She turned and headed for the elevator, but he grabbed her hand before she could get away.


Kate yanked her hand out of his grip. “How do you even sleep, Mr. Doyle?”

His eyes bored into her. “Like a rock. But that crown of thorns must keep you up at night.”

She tried to appear like she was still in control, but that had hurt. “You just keep telling yourself that.”

Kate marched to the elevator and punched the button. As the door opened, she threw a look back at him.

“By the way, I will be back. I’ll show you how many lives have been devastated by your casinos.” She walked into the lift, even though she felt like running. She didn’t look back.

Liam called out to her. “Watch your step, Ms. Callender. I don’t forgive and forget.”

She channeled her last ounce of bravado before the doors shut. “You really should see someone for that. I hear being an asshole can be terminal.”

Once the elevator began its descent, Kate leaned against the back of the small space and closed her eyes, winded by her hostile exchange with Doyle. She didn’t open them again until the door opened.


Vice will be available in ebook and print on Sept. 19.

A new teaser for Vice from TBC Trailers!

As an author, I can honestly say it’s like Christmas when I wake up to a new trailer from Nita at TBC Trailers. That was my experience this morning when Nita let me know she had a sexy, new teaser for Vice, Vegas Sins 1.

Nita always manages to capture my characters and plots so well. Her videos are an amazing tool and I would heartily recommend her service to all my author pals. Contact her at TBC Trailers. While you’re there, give her a “like” and let her know Rosanna sent you!

I am so excited for the release of Vice and the launch of this new series. Preorders will be available Sept. 9 and the print book is scheduled for Sept. 19.

The stakes are about to go up.