We should never be too busy to express gratitude. #UpbeatAuthors.

In my library work, I get to meet a lot of different people. I’m always taken aback when a parent teaches their young child to “say thank you to the lady.” I suppose I’m taken aback because I just don’t hear it very much anymore. It’s certainly an occasion when a parent makes it clear “we aren’t leaving until you say thank you.”

Somewhere along the line, we stopped expressing gratitude. Or, at least, we are so distracted by our phones that we forget to thank those who’ve helped us.

When I was young, my mother taught me the art of writing a thank you note. At the time, I thought it was tedious. However, she would buy me pretty note papers and cards and after a short time, I loved writing thank you notes. And I can honestly say, not only did it make people happy, it opened doors for me. People remember that sort of thing. One thank you note caught the attention of my future husband. When I wrote him a note to thank him for a drive home from a work function, he said he knew he was interested in seeing me. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yes, notes are now emails or texts, but I would argue the sentiment is still the same. It’s even more powerful face to face. Most of the time at my library job, I encounter people who don’t even make eye contact, never mind thanking me for my help. It boggles the mind. I can’t even imagine asking someone for help and not thanking them. What does it cost us? Nothing. In fact, it benefits both sides.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. I believe when we express it, we send a message to the universe. When we do good things, good things come back to us. We feel  happier. We stop taking things and people for granted.

Thank you for reading this post today and for following my blog and books. I hope I’ve inspired you to go out and thank the people in your lives today.


2 thoughts on “We should never be too busy to express gratitude. #UpbeatAuthors.

  1. Great post Rosanna! I too was brought up to say please & thank you and I taught my son the same. I am always taken aback when other people point out to me how well-mannered my son is because I am thinking shouldn’t that be the norm? But I guess not.


    • Thank you, Eniko! We feel the same way. These days, it’s surprising when someone stops to express gratitude. It shouldn’t be so shocking, it should be the norm.
      By the way, I’ve been meaning to thank you again for the lovely bracelet you gave me at RTF. I wear it all the time and think of you. I’ve received so many compliments on it as well, so THANK YOU!


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