Merry Christmas from Rosanna Leo!

The next few days are going to be a blur so I want to take an opportunity now to wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

I’ve really appreciated all the love and support shown here in 2017 and I thank you for showing interest in my books and my writing process. This is a funny business sometimes and it’s wonderful to know we can rely on each other. My writer and reader  peeps are the best and I look forward to sharing more yummy stories with you in the new year.

Love and peace, always. I hope you get to spend the holidays exactly as you would like to spend them. I wish you great joy.


WARNING: Extra-Gooey Cinnamon Roll Heroes Ahead

Awesome author Olivia Dade released a list of some scrumptious “Cinnamon roll” heroes, a.k.a. really good guys who melt our hearts. I’m so honoured that Michael Zorn from A Good Man is on this list. Thank you, Olivia!

Olivia Dade

cinnamon roll heroes

A couple of weeks ago, I finally realized what I needed to break my reading slump: heroes. But not just any heroes—supportive, kind ones who tried their best, even when they made mistakes. In other words, human cinnamon rolls.

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The “Best” of the Worst Sex Scene Writing Contest.

Yep, you read it properly.

So often in writing, we strive to do our best. Well, I recently put pen to paper in a quest to be the “best of the worst.”

Crave Publishing is holding its first ever “Best” of the Worst Sex Scene Writing Contest and I have an entry!

The publisher asked for the cheesiest, drippiest, most jaw-dropping excerpts possible and I think I may just have outdone myself.  My submission, “Closing the Deal” can be found here:

There are some fun entries and so far, readers have responded well to my characters. Who are they?  Brianna Hawthorne, the woman on a mission, and Ridge Montgomery, the real estate agent extraordinaire…who may just be too much for the average woman to handle.

Will Brianna convince Ridge her love is real? Will she finally make an offer on that ocean-front property? Will Ridge’s penis decimate her? It’s entirely possible.

How to vote for your favorite entry? Simply post a comment on the entry you like the best.

And thank you for reading. (Sorry about the cheese.)