Lured by the paranormal.

If you’ve been followed my work over the past year or two, you’ll know I’ve been writing a lot of contemporary romance. I love it and adore fleshing out characters who feel “real” and human. Humans are interesting, right? Our flaws make it so.

However, I also love the escapism of the paranormal/fantasy world. My first love is paranormal romance and I always knew I’d return to it. After completing my Gemini Island Shifters series, though, I needed a break. A palate cleanser, if you will.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the lure of the paranormal once again. Recently, I watched “Myths and Monsters” on Netflix and my brain has been racing with possibilities! The series is a good one and explores common themes in folklore and myth…my cup of tea, in other words. I keep returning to some of the ideas discussed in the series. Weird and wonderful characters have been haunting my dreams, hiding in my periphery vision, daring me to turn my head and acknowledge them.

In other words, I’m feeling excited, and it’s getting hard to contain.

Do I have any details yet? Not too many. I’m starting to flesh out a new series, building conflicts and such. My main characters will be a trio of human sisters. There will be monsters, probably some element from myth. There will be a unique love story in each book. And, of course, there will be great evil. Beyond that, I can’t share too much.

I’m not sure what it is about paranormal literature that keeps drawing me back. I think the escapism is a big part but it strikes deeper than pure diversion. I’ve always been curious about the afterlife and other worlds. Writing about them allows me to explore that curiosity. I like to believe there is something “other” out there. The thought disturbs me but also brings great comfort.

I suppose I have some writing to do. It’s time for me to look over my shoulder and say “hello” to the creatures that haunt me.

Stay tuned!

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