The Panther’s Lost Princess. @McKennaDeanFic.

A new paranormal romance series! The Panther’s Lost Princess (Redclaw Security Book 1)

Find out why readers are saying they couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for more!


Ellie West has always known there was more to her story than being abandoned at birth. A child of the foster-care system, she didn’t get many breaks, but the one thing she can do is sing. It’s her only ticket out of poverty and obscurity. Nothing else matters, not even the nagging sense that she’s different. She’s headed for great things. She only needs a chance.

Jack Ferris couldn’t agree more. His firm, the elite paranormal agency Redclaw Security, has been hired to find a missing princess and return her to her family. Discovering that Ellie, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner, is both the princess and his fated mate is like being hit with a sledgehammer. Ellie West can’t be his mate. She’s the mission.

The sooner Jack completes this job, the better, only Ellie has no intention of throwing her dreams away for a kingdom she’s never known. With hired assassins on their trail, Ellie might not have a choice. They must do whatever it takes to stay alive.




“We’re not supposed to kill her.” Sullen Guy sounded upset.

“Unless we didn’t have a choice.” Cowboy ground out the words as he sat on Ellie. The light from the tobacco store’s doorway spilled over his features, and she could see his creepy sneer. He was getting off on this.

Like before in the bathroom, a puff of gray smoke blew out of her nose.

Cowboy must have seen it too because he reared back slightly. Taking advantage of his hesitation, she drove her hands up between his arms and used the strength and width of her shoulders to push them apart, while at the same time thrusting her pelvis upward. Having lost his grip on her neck, and being tipped forward with the sudden shove from below, he came down just as she brought her head up. When her forehead slammed into his nose, he cried out. Her eyes watered with the impact, but she couldn’t let the pain stop her. As he clutched his bloody nose, she pushed him off, following his roll sideways to drive her elbow down into his windpipe.

Leaving Cowboy coughing and sputtering on the ground, she bared her teeth at Sullen Guy and rose to her feet.

“Now wait just a minute.” He raised his arm as though warding off a blow. It was no good. She couldn’t back down now. Her blood was up. She opened her mouth and shrieked again.

This time, there was audible sound with her vocalization. It was like nothing she’d ever heard before, and it was hard to believe it came from her. It sounded old, powerful, and pissed.

It didn’t sound human.

There was movement in the shadows, and then they came. Rats at first, boiling out of holes in the walls and from behind the dumpsters, filling the alley like a living river. But cats, too. Feral alley cats, with heads as big as pumpkins and tattered ears from fighting, eyes gleaming eerily in the light from the diner as they stalked their way down the pavement. A fierce exaltation rose in her at the sight. She’d called, and they’d come.

McKenna Dean has been an actress, a vet tech, a singer, a teacher, a biologist, and a dog trainer. She’s worked in a genetics lab, at the stockyard, behind the scenes as a props manager, and at a pizza parlor slinging dough. Finally she realized all these jobs were just a preparation for what she really wanted to be: a writer.

She lives on a small farm in North Carolina with her family, as well as the assorted dogs, cats, and various livestock.

She likes putting her characters in hot water to see how strong they are. Like tea bags, only sexier.






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Daemon Uprising. @mariahankenman.


 Daemon Uprising (Daemon Series)

Book One

Mariah Ankenman

$0.99 sale March 23rd-April 6th

 2013 RWA® Golden Heart® Nominated book

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: 3/17/2017


Book Description:

The world of the supernatural is real and living among us, a fact Tabitha Culver knows all too well.

Ten years ago, evil supernatural creatures she never thought existed attacked Tabitha. Now, she works for the Supernatural Council to defend humanity against the malevolent forces unknowingly hunting them. A new darkness has risen up in the form of Kakodaemons.

Tabitha, a by-the-books straight arrow is teamed up with the Euadaemon Kiernan, a bend-the-rules, sexy bad boy. With Tabitha and Kiernan the sparks fly, sometimes literally! To take down the bad guys, they have to put their differences aside and work together. However, a dark secret and sizzling attraction could prove to be distractions they can’t afford. Tabitha must learn to trust her partner, and her heart, in order to eliminate this new threat to humanity.


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She rolled her eyes.

“Just because I think you’re not a monster doesn’t mean I like you.”

“There’s the Tabitha I know.” He chuckled.

“Come on,” she said, putting his arm over her shoulder. “Let’s get you to bed.”

“I like the sound of that.”

She snorted, a small smile curling her lips. “Alone.”

“Party pooper,” he mumbled.

She swayed with the weight of supporting him. He stumbled slightly then regained his balance, moving his feet in line with hers as they made their way across the library to the door.

“How much did you drink?”

“Enough to tell you how beautiful I think you are,”

Kiernan’s hot breath whispered in her ear sending chills cascading through her.

She shivered, trying to put a damper on the feelings he brought out in her. “It’s just the dress.”

He stopped walking, causing her to stop as well. Strong arms pulled her to him, wrapping around her like a big, warm, electric blanket. His head bent. She smelled the whiskey on his breath. His lips were mere inches from hers, and she couldn’t take her gaze off their sensual fullness. She remembered how they felt pressed against hers and damned if she didn’t want another taste.

“It’s not the dress, Tabitha. It’s you.”

She didn’t know what to say. Turned out, she didn’t have to say anything. Before she could even take in a breath to respond, Kiernan’s mouth came down over hers.



About the Author:

RWA® Golden Heart® Nominated author Mariah Ankenman lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her two rambunctious daughters and loving husband who provides ample inspiration for her heart-stopping heroes.

Whether she’s writing hometown heroes or sexy supernaturals, Mariah loves to lose herself in a world of words. Her favorite thing about writing is when she can make someone’s day a little brighter with one of her books.


Twitter: @mariahankenman








Her Dark Lord. @JenYatesNZ

If it hadn’t been for the rumor implicating him as a traitor, Lord Knightsborough would already have slunk off to his Hertfordshire Estate since his country and his cousins no longer needed him. His intention to dig himself in like a moody, bad-tempered old badger is delayed by the necessity of clearing his name.
His investigation is hampered by lost files and the death of his most promising lead in an accident clearly meant for the man’s wife, Lady Penelope Grantwood.
When Her Ladyship erupts into his life, guns at the ready, all Knight’s dark ennui dissipates as if she’s blown him apart and the man who stands in his place is—someone else. A shadow perhaps, of the young man he’d been—before.
The old Knight needed no one. The new Knight needed her—a widow of twenty-four hours.

Miss Penelope Braydon was the wealthy orphaned daughter of a city banker and an actress. At seventeen her step-brothers married her to the handsome Lord Grantwood, raising her to the status of Countess. Rape by her step-father on her wedding night prevented her seeking an annulment when she discovered her husband only needed a wife to camouflage his preference for men.
It was the last time she trusted a man for anything.
Fate could’ve left Penny in Suffolk, eight years wed to her gay husband and pouring all her energy into training horses for the steeplechase and trying to teach her spouse to stand up to his managing twin sister.
The marriage had given her security and purpose and protection against men, who figured in her estimation somewhere below reptiles and vermin. She could play the ‘Lady’ with the haughtiest of the haute ton, but preferred to hone her skills in all things manly in order to protect her person and her independence. No one else could be relied on.
She’d have lived and died with her horses in Suffolk if Fate hadn’t taken a hand.
Fate has a lot to answer for.

And only Fate would play a dark, jaded, emotional cripple like Knight against a feisty, determined, independent woman like Penny, a new-minted widow whom someone wants dead.
Knight by nature as well as by name, he’ll not rest until Lady Grantwood is safe and he’s cleared his name.
Fate understands only a woman like Penny can shatter the rigid armor of control Knight wears round his heart and only a man of Knight’s sensual experience and expertise can break through Penny’s deeply entrenched defenses against all men.
Perhaps Fate has the answers after all.

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His first response was a hungry satisfaction to find her secured for his delight—and hers, which made him a knave of the lowest order. Then he realized he missed the independent and vibrant spirit who’d challenged him at every turn. He admired a woman with spirit! What the devil had come over him? He preferred the submissive type who were happy to be bound for his pleasure—and theirs.

Cursing vocally, he dragged a linen square from his pocket and dropped it in her lap, retrieved a key from the back of the chair and swiftly unlocked first her wrists and then her ankles. Fully expecting her to physically attack him, he stepped back and braced himself for the punishment he knew he deserved.

She didn’t move. Her hands remained palms up on the wide wooden arms of the chair and her feet still rested against the chair legs where they’d been secured. Eyes wide and blue-black with fear were fixed unwinkingly on his face.

A strange ache flowered in his chest. God damn Finch!

‘You’ve nothing to say to me?’

Finally her gaze lowered. She swallowed, pulled her knees together, slowly picked up the linen to wipe her eyes and nose and folded her hands in her lap like a proper lady, which was somewhat incongruous in her current attire. Her mouth opened then closed again.

He waited.

‘What is this place?’ she finally managed in a raspy whisper. ‘What are you going to do with me?’

God, he wanted to haul her against his chest, hold her close, promise nothing and no one would ever hurt her again—in any way.

‘I’m going to keep you safe.’

She looked up at him then, her eyes huge and the bluest blue-purple he’d ever seen, wrenching at something in his guts.

‘That sounded like a—a promise,’ she whispered.

‘It is. I vow to you, Lady Grantwood, to do everything in my power to keep you safe.’

‘Here? Looks like a—place of torture.’


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