Release day for Craving: One Night!

I’m excited to announce the release day for Craving: One Night, a sexy new anthology from Crave Publishing!

I’m honoured to be part of this anthology and proud to share my novella “Al Dente.” Set in my hometown of Toronto, during a couple’s cooking class in an Italian restaurant, it is steamy and passionate.

Can Ruby and Matteo make their passion last longer than just one night?

One-click today and find out!



Craving: One Night is now available for preorder!

For a while I’ve been telling you about Crave Publishing’s Craving: One Night anthology and my novella “Al Dente.” I’m happy to announce the anthology is now available on Amazon for preorder!

The characters in my story are Ruby and Matteo, two people at a crossroads who aren’t sure they are destined for more than one night with each others. Ruby is a Chinese-Canadian food blogger and Matteo is an Italian chef from Treviso who spends all his time writing cookbooks or touring.

I hope you fall in love with them, as I have.

Preorder here:

Thrifty Thursday: Shoes & Shifters

I’m honoured to receive a mention in Elaina Roberts’ blog today, in a fun post about shoes and shifters!

Elaina Roberts

In what I hope to become a regular feature (if I don’t wander off again), I’m combining two of my favorite things: thrift store finds and book sales. A note for those who aren’t familiar with me. I love thrift stores, adore them. I buy stuff there as gifts for others, supplies for crafts, clothing because… c’mon, $3 for a shirt with the tags still on it?, and books. All the books! So, when I poke fun at the stuff found at thrift stores, I’m not trying to be mean or making a comment on those who shop there out of financial necessity. However, if you’ve ever gone to a thrift store, you know there are always a few… shall we say unusual items. Those are the true gems and what I hope to target. So… today, I focus on shoes!

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