Some new vendors for my Vegas Sins series.

Up until recently, my Vegas Sins books and my Handymen books were only available through Kindle Unlimited. While many readers use this platform, I know many other readers don’t and I’ve heard from people who’ve wanted to buy these books through vendors like Nook and Kobo.

My publisher has kindly helped me start the transition to these other vendors. As of right now, A Good Man, Handymen 1, is the only one still at Kindle Unlimited, and that’s because we have to wait for the term there to expire. Once the term expires, I will announce the new links.

However, Vice and Covet are now available at Kobo, iTunes and B&N! I’m really excited that these series will be able to reach other readers, and of course you can still purchase the ebooks and print copies through Amazon as well.

You’ll find all the updated links on the series pages here on the blog, but they’re here for you as well:

Vice:   Amazon   iTunes   B&N   Kobo

Covet:   Amazon   iTunes   B&N   Kobo

Thanks for reading!

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