When a series ends.

I recently got a contract for the third and final book of my Handymen series, A Reluctant Attraction. Thank you to Totally Bound Publishing for helping me share that series with romance readers. The document is now with my editor. Edits will begin soon, cover art will be finalized, and eventually advance reading copies will make their way into reader hands.

It’s all very exciting. It’s also a little sad.

It took awhile for me to realize that I would soon be saying goodbye to Michael, Eli and Nick Zorn, the heroes of the Handymen series. I would also have to say goodbye to Emily, Bernie and Claire, their heroines. When that realization hit, it came with a wallop.

I first started writing book 1, A Good Man, several years ago. My journey with Michael and Emily began at that time, and in a way, it feels like I’ve been living with these characters forever. I’ve fallen in love with them, and it warms my hearts to know readers have felt the same way.

Of course, if you follow me regularly, you’ll know this book had quite a circuitous journey. Three publishers, two covers, two editions, two sets of editors and lots of ups and downs. But it’s all worked out in the end, and the reviews have been great.

And now, book 2, An Irresistible Force, is coming in September! I laboured over Eli and Bernie’s story, and getting it all down on paper sometimes felt like a challenge. It was an emotional  book to write, and I’m sure my readers will feel some emotions too. But it’s also full of snark and some fun times, and I can’t wait to share it.

Of course, even before  book 2 was contracted, I was working on book 3, A Reluctant Attraction. It was really important for me to give the final book in the series the same flavour as the others. It had to tug at the heartstrings, while also making the reader dream. I hope my readers will enjoy Nick and Claire’s story too.

I’m already working on what I hope will be my next series (no details yet- stay tuned!) But every so often as I go through my day, my Handymen brothers whisper in my ear. Sometimes, I think I see Michael out of the corner of my eye, painting a wall in my house. At other times, I’ll glance outside the window and spot Eli in my yard, tidying up my garden. And I can’t forget Nick. He hangs out on my back deck. These heroes had exhilarating romances, ones that were sometimes riddled with obstacles. Their stories still resonate with me. In fact, there are times when I wonder if I wrote the books at all, or whether I’m just witnessing the romances as they happen. That’s how real they feel to me at this point. I’ve even had conversations with these characters, and the dialogues continue.

I already miss this group of characters.

But it’s time to move on. Their stories have been told, and I can always go back and visit them. I suspect I will quite a bit.

Besides, another group of characters is moving in. I can’t make out every detail yet. It’s as if I’m seeing them through a fog. As they approach, they become clearer, and I like what I see. It’s a bit scary, not as comfortable as the world I created with my Handymen, but it’s good to be scared at times.

I don’t know exactly who’s coming, but I look forward to meeting them.


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