How creating Twitter romance novel threads distracted me during a pandemic.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m on Twitter a lot. It’s probably not always a good thing. After all, one sees so many headlines on that platform, and these days, I get sad when reading headlines.

However, Twitter has turned into a pleasant distraction during the pandemic in a way I never expected. For the past while, I’ve taken my turn at creating colourful threads that match up romance novel covers to a theme of my choosing. Frankly, I’m always tickled at the response from romance readers and fellow authors. So, I’m kind of addicted to it now.

I’m not the first to do this, although I don’t know who started the trend. I’m fairly certain I’m not even close to being as artistic as some others, but it soothes me in a strange way.

Here’s my latest, celebrating my love of Susan Lucci from All My Children.

Why bother? Well, I’ve always loved promoting romance novels and enjoy sharing the works of other writers. It’s a nice thing, and if I can send a new reader in the direction of a good romance, I’m happy.

I confess, it’s also somewhat of a challenge. Once a theme is chosen, I search for interesting images. Then comes the hard part: finding romance covers that resemble that image. Sometimes it’s all about colour. Sometimes there’s something else that links the two graphics. Either way, it’s fun going on the hunt. I also try not to use the same authors over and over. I have always wanted to shine a light on as many fellow authors as I can.

My weird new obsession allows me to indulge some of my fangirl quirks. Did you see the ones I did on Nick Miller from New Girl and on vampires?

Whatever form it takes, it allows me to share the love of romance and the pop-culture figures who have inspired me. A couple of weeks ago, I featured the badass women from Dynasty. So fun!

If you’re on Twitter, come check them out. And hopefully, while you’re there, you’ll be inspired to pick up a couple of the featured romances.

Because right now, we could all use some pleasant distractions.

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