Preorder news! A Reluctant Attraction, Handymen 3!

Today is the day, friends.

I’m so excited to share the preorder info for A Reluctant Attraction, Handymen 3!

It seems like so long ago that I first conceived of a series involving three contractor brothers, heroines whose stories warmed my heart, and a host of fun renovation projects. Since then, the series has been on a bit of a journey, but I am so pleased to call Totally Bound Publishing its home now. And I am very excited to introduce you to Nick and Claire, the protagonists of book 3.


Contractor and Handymen host Nick Zorn needs a change. He’s been feeling listless, and when his ex-girlfriend embarrasses him in a viral post by sharing private details of their sex life, he’s downright ready to escape. When an opportunity to reinvent his career arises, Nick takes it, even though it might mean the end of Handymen. However, the team has one more project to tackle together first—a struggling cat sanctuary in dire need of renovation.

When Nick arrives at the shelter and meets its owner, a lovely widow named Claire, his life is once more thrown into disarray. Neither of them is looking for a relationship, but the attraction is fierce. As he helps Claire fix her workplace, he realizes he wants to help her in other ways too. Their flirtation sizzles, flaring into a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

But the more time they spend together, the more reluctant these ‘friends’ become to fight their deepening connection, even though they know their inevitable break will devastate them…

Content warnings: Grief (the heroine’s husband passed away three years before this story begins and she is struggling with the idea of finding love again.) Erectile dysfunction (the hero is dealing with stress-related erectile dysfunction and there are several honest conversations about sex. Sexual content, as well.)

A Reluctant Attraction, Handymen 3, will release April 27. Preorder it at Totally Bound Publishing or use this universal link to find your favourite vendor!

Thank you!

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