When your release week leads to a mention on Oprah Daily!

It seems like a dream, even as I write the words.

However, despite how much I keep pinching myself, I remain in this wonderful dream state.

My new release, A Reluctant Attraction, Handymen 3, received a lovely mention at Oprah Daily! When McKenzie Jean-Philippe, Editorial Assistant at Oprah Daily, tweeted out the info yesterday, I couldn’t believe it. I’m so honoured to be amongst some of my favourite authors in this list of 50 of 2021’s Most Anticipated Romance Reads!

Thanks so much to McKenzie Jean-Philippe and Oprah Daily!

It’s been an amazing release week, and I’m thrilled to see A Reluctant Attraction receiving so many lovely reviews. Thank you to all the readers who have supported this book and shared their thoughts. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see the book receiving such positive attention. I’m grateful you’re falling in love with Nick and Claire, just as I did when I wrote their story.

To get your copy, head over to Totally Bound Publishing or head to your vendor of choice here!

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