A Reluctant Attraction

I’m grateful to Ally for all the reviews she’s written for my Handymen series, but this one just tickled me and warmed my heart. She calls A Reluctant Attraction a “soft, horny hug of a book,” and that’s exactly what I wanted to express with this story. Do check out her review, and give her a follow for more romance goodness!

Happily Ever After or Bust

Cover art for A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo

A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had a feeling, from the beginning, that Nick’s book would be my favorite, and I was absolutely right. I love all the Zorn brothers, but Nick—the youngest Handyman, the cheeky charmer—he holds a special place in my heart. THEN to find out he’s a little anxious bb, so much so that it affects him in the bedroom. My heart! 🥺😩🥺

This book is about two people who absolutely aren’t looking for love falling head over heels for each other (I mean…becoming friends with benefits with absolutely no emotions involved 👀👀👀) in a CAT SANCTUARY.

Romance. Cats. “We can totally have sex and feel nothing even though we’ve been fighting feelings for weeks.” ALL MY FAVORITES.

I loved Claire’s journey of working through her grief from the loss of her husband (she’s been a widow for three years…

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