Memory of the Hunt Cover Reveal by @AuthorSheri!

I’m excited to take part in the cover reveal event for author Sheri Williams!


Memory of the Hunt is the second in my loose trilogy of literary retellings. 

It re-releases on June 30th with my new publisher Indomitable Ink. 

The cover reveal for my new, gorgeous cover by Rue Volley, is Friday June 25th. 

Cover is below, but I will also send it separately in case you need it. 


On a spring morning in 2018, Mari takes a jog in a New York park only to wake in a wooded glade straight out of a kids movie. As a children’s author, her imagination knows no bounds, but this is beyond even her wildest dreams. Scared yet curious, she tries to find help and encounters a strange man who offers assistance. His help is appreciated— being told that she’s in Germany and the year is 1810, is not. She didn’t ask for adventure when she woke up that morning, but an adventure is what she gets. Meeting Will, The Huntsman, yes that Huntsman, sets her on a journey of self-discovery generously dosed with magic, romance and a long-lost family.

For more info, give Sheri a follow on Amazon or check her out on Twitter! And make sure to add this one to your to-be-read list.

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