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Promises kept are important to most of us, and they are definitely important to romance readers. Welcome, Peyton Storm, with a post on why it’s so important to keep that promise.


A Promise Kept

When I skim bookshelves or scroll through ebook lists, I’m in search of ROMANCE. What I’m looking for in said romance varies. There are times I want a fast paced contemporary. Other times, I may want a dark motorcycle club romance. No matter my reading mood at any given time, I’m confident that whether I smile, laugh, cry or curse through the pages, everything will come together before the last word on the last page. Romance is the only genre that makes such a promise to its readers and I take pride in that both as a reader and as an author.

I read romance as an escape from the day to day grind, the darkness of today’s world and the things that weigh on my shoulders and sometimes, I just want the butterflies. Romance touches on the deepest, most fragile and raw of human emotions and unlike real life, with that promised HEA/HFN, our hearts are safe. We spend page after page investing in a pairing as we live their ups and downs through their eyes, and when they finally come together, the payoff makes us anxious to do it all over again.

Hardpressed by Peyton Storm

He promised her tomorrow but stole away her yesterdays.

After the passing of his mother, then sixteen year old Greyson Ty Thomas, aka Tack, was forced to live with his uncle in Ocean Falls, a sleepy, coastal Texas town. While Uncle Jake worked long hours at the local chemical plant, Greyson spent his time training, with dreams of leaving it all behind once he was drafted into the National Football League. Until he met her.

Presley Rae Manning, the apple of her father’s eye, grew up without her mother. She’d walked out when Pres was a small child and never looked back. Eventually, the small home she shared with her father was filled with music, as she discovered her love of dance. The small town sweetheart was destined to shine. Until she met him.

Hardpressed is a scorching, fast paced, second chance romance that pushes the envelope, heightens the senses and redefines the meaning of family.

Buy it here!

Peyton resides in the state of Texas with her family and fur babies. When not writing, Peyton can be found obsessing over the NFL, MLB and reality TV.

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