Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba Cover Reveal/ARC Giveaway from @mazuri_es!

I’m very eager to share the cover for author Elaina Roberts’ new book Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba! She’s kindly offering up copies of the ARC today too, so read on for more info!

Shoba is a science fiction romance long novella/short novel (just above 50K words) based in the same world as her Edgeworld Chronicles books.



A mythical paradise to those who’ve left it. A barren wasteland racing against time for those left behind.

Shoba is one of the ones left behind.

Grief-stricken after the death of her parents, she crossed the wastes to find a new pack, a new home in Sorrow. But her wolf is too strong to suit the elders’ plans for the pack, and the haze continues to prey upon those the humans left behind.

When a science vessel answers their distress beacon and offers the pack a new home on a new planet, Shoba expects the cost to be high, to discover a hidden motive to the Rifaniir’s generous offer. What she didn’t expect was her reaction to the Kaleidoscope’s captain.

Dangerous and intriguing. Captain Vaistu Elloufen threatens her plans and draws her wolf like none other. But the captain hides a secret, and the whispers which followed her across the wastes to Sorrow stalk the corridors of the Kaleidoscope. The journey is rife with unknown dangers, but one thing is certain: Once again she must fight for what she wants most.

And what she wants is the alluring Rifaniir captain.


“I’ve missed you.” Whispered words between hot kisses and ragged breaths.

She thrust her fingers into his hair, scraped her claws lightly over his scalp. “It’s only been a couple of hours.”

“Too long.” He nipped her lip, her jawline, down the side of her neck.

One large hand cupped her ass, the other had slipped under her shirt to lay dangerously close to her breast when an amused cough sounded behind him. Shoba peeked over his shoulder and met the laughing eyes of Malia.

“Is there a problem with your suite, Razheen?” The Rifaniir warrior had clasped her hands behind her back and attempted to look concerned. She caught Shoba’s gaze and winked.

“No.” Vaistu’s attempt at a growl accented with the hisses and clicks of his beautiful and strange language was impressive. Whatever he said in his native tongue had Malia pursing her lips, shoulders shaking with laughter. “Now go away and let me kiss my mate.”

“As you wish. I’ll leave the two of you to carry on in this busy, not-at-all private corridor.” The security chief saluted sharply, grinned, and continued down the hall.

Shoba rested her forehead on his shoulder and giggled. “She’s right. We probably shouldn’t do this out here.”

“If I can’t kiss my mate on my own damn ship,” he grumped, “there’s something seriously wrong.”

“I think she was more concerned with your hand on my ass than a simple kiss.”

“You do have a very nice ass.” He traced the curve with his fingers, pulled her close to feel his body’s reaction to hers.

She sucked in a breath, savored the moment before poking his chest with her finger. “Behave.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll be good. For now.” He took her hand and led her to a lift platform. “But it really is a very nice ass.”


Shoba releases Sept. 14, but you can preorder it now!

Preorder here

Elaina has been very kind to offer up 3 digital ARCs (epub or mobi) for readers of my blog! How to win one?

Simply leave a comment here on the blog and tell us why you’d like to read this book. Elaina will choose 3 winners from those who comment. Additional points given if you follow her blog or her Facebook page!


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    • Hi! Shoot me an email (mazurrii AT gmail DOT com) with your format preference (ePub for Nook/Kobo, or mobi for Kindle) and I’ll send your ARC to you. If you use Kindle and want me to send it directly to your device, that will save you a step. If Nook/Kobo has that capability, let me know as I’m unfamiliar with those programs.


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