It’s release day for @lunajoyawriter and How to Date a Fury!

I’m absolutely thrilled to have Luna Joya visiting today for the release of her new paranormal romance, How to Date a Fury! To make the occasion even more exciting, she’s brought Tiny Editor along with her. Luna and I have talked about how her pupper, Tiny Editor, and my cat, Sweetie, would make great friends. (Okay, they might not, considering the whole dog/cat angle, but I’m happy to consider Luna one of mine.) Please welcome her and check out this awesome romance! Don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter!

Puppies and Kitties and Lion Shifters, Oh My

A few years ago, I grabbed Rosanna’s Vice, loved it, and have stalked…er, um… befriended her online ever since. Because the woman writes hot rich guys and then even hotter handyman (Hellooo, even Oprah Daily picked Nick as a not-to-miss attraction). Okay, her books are a huge appeal, but there’s another big reason.

Have y’all seen photos of her kitty, Sweetie? She’s the prettiest tabby ever with expressive eyes who has me scrolling social media just for a Sweetie fix. Let’s face it. The real world can be sad and/or scary. Sweetie photos offer that happy little moment of cuteness.

At home, I have Tiny Editor, two pounds (yep, you read right, two pounds) of rescue awesomeness who knows he’s the most precious pup. His fan club seems to extend to my entire reader base with worried people writing me emails if I forget to include a photo of him in a newsletter. I love it!

In writing, the pets and familiars in my spicy paranormal romance mysteries often end up with their own fans. From a finicky kitten named Double P to a sweet basset hound named Bogart to an out-of-this world fox named Fenn, they often steal the scene. Speaking of which, Sweetie would make an awesome familiar for one of my witches.

Leveling up to Rosanna’s fabulous backlist—y’all know she wrote shifter and mythological romances, right?—I take the animal obsession to a new extreme with a fun spicy paranormal series called Syn City Shifters starring an alpha shifter as the hero of each book in the trilogy.

Who doesn’t love a good alpha shifter matched an even stronger heroine? Which is why each shifter must meet his match in a mortal daughter of the mythological Furies. These heroines have wings, magical weapons to call, and a kickass roller derby team. I write murder mysteries so you know there’s a serial killer on the loose, and our couples will each have a case of their own to solve.

The first will be How To Date a Fury, starring klutzy and charming Dottie with her mountain lion shifter Chase who dared to break her heart in high school. These two will have to find their second chance romance while catching a killer. Don’t worry. Laughs mix with the thrills and the couple tie it all up in their slow-burn worthy of their Southern drawls.

Come join me over on social media, join my newsletter to see the Reader Pet/Familiar of the Month, or scroll on by for a cute fix from Sweetie or Tiny Editor. Be sure to catch Rosanna’s new Darke Paranormal Investigations. Yes, we’re friends, but I have to wait right along with y’all for the big reveal.

How to Date a Fury: A Spicy Second Chance Romance featuring a Murder Mystery, an Alpha Shifter with a Southern Drawl, a Klutzy Winged Heroine, and Roller Derby. Releasing 9/22. Available at Amazon or in KU.

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