Cover reveal for Darke Music!

I know it must feel like I just announced the arrival of Darke Passion, the first book in my Darke Paranormal Investigations series, and here I am revealing the cover for book 2!
What can I say? Things sometimes move slowly in publishing, but at other times, they move quickly.

I’m thrilled to share Darke Music with you! I can’t wait to introduce you to Susannah and Noah.
Cover artist Kelly Martin did another fabulous job for me, and I’m so grateful. Kelly also did the wonderful cover for Darke Passion, and I couldn’t be happier with her work.

This one takes place in downtown Toronto, in a haunted opera school. In fact, the setting was inspired by the Royal Conservatory of Music building in Toronto, a place where I had some music lessons as a youngster.

Susannah is the middle Darke sister. Unlike her sisters Edwina and Adelaide, she doesn’t have any “special” powers. She is, however, a writer, a teacher and an historian. Research is her superpower.

Noah Bellamy is a former opera star and the dean of the Asch Institute of Opera. He was once a student there, and he knows the place is haunted. It appears the activity has ramped up, so he asks the Darke sisters to investigate.

Susannah and Noah have history…most of it occurred between the sheets…so neither of them can possibly anticipate how this investigation will change their lives.

You will already find Darke Music going up for preorder at some vendors:
However, if you’d like to review it, please stay tuned for ARC opportunities.
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And please don’t forget that book 1, Darke Passion, is coming your way in March!
It can be preordered here!

Thank you all, and happy new year!
I hope 2023 is a wonderful year for you.