Which haunted location will I take you to next?

If you’ve been following my posts about Darke Passion, the first book in the Darke Paranormal Investigations series, you’ll know the setting is beautiful-Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, and a mysterious historic B&B.

But where will I take you for the next book in the series?

I’ll give you some hints. It’s set in downtown Toronto on a very busy street. Once again, it’s a building with tons of history. It’s a little creepy looking, in my opinion. And it’s filled with music.

Any ideas? My reader friends from the Toronto area might be getting warmer.
How about an old photo to help you out?

This postcard (courtesy of Wikipedia) dates from 1906, and the site of this building isn’t quite so tranquil anymore. Back in the day, this place was considered one of Toronto’s grandest buildings. If you look closely, you’ll see a name at the top of the postcard, “McMaster University, Toronto.” This name has disappeared, along with the horse and carriage out front.

Getting closer? How about a newer image?

Some of you may recognize it now. You may even have been inside it. This modern photo (courtesy of Wikipedia) shows how the building was extended over time. Cars have replaced the carriages. And other buildings stand around it.

This is the Royal Conservatory of Music building on Bloor Street West, a place of learning for Toronto’s music students for almost a century. However, it dates back even further to 1881 when it was first used as a school of divinity. It then became part of the University of Toronto.

I took some lessons here as a young person, and it always felt a bit eerie, as if eyes were on my back. When it was time to pick a setting for Darke Music, the second book in my new series, this place seemed like the perfect location. 

It’s reputed to be haunted. There are stories of disembodied voices and a spirit man who gazes out of one of the windows. And apparently, many have seen the ghost of a Victorian man in top hat and tails, rushing around the central staircase. He makes an appearance in my book, by the way!

I can’t wait to share this series with you. Both books are now available for preorder. I hope you’ll add them to your collection!

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ARCs are here for DARKE PASSION!

Calling all reviewers, bloggers and bookstagrammers!

Guess who just got e-ARCs for Darke Passion, Darke Paranormal Investigations1?
If you would like a digital copy for review, please click here!

Reviews mean so much. As a small-press author, I can tell you I appreciate every review that comes in. Of course, I am only looking for your honest thoughts. Every review, no matter how short, is important. 

Content warnings for Darke Passion:
This romance contains a ghost story but the romance is between living people. The book contains scenes of on-page violence, possession, sexual assault, coercion and murder in a historical context. The ghost story deals with the burning of Niagara-on-the-Lake in 1812. That event is described in flashbacks.

Here’s the blurb:

Edwina Darke is one of a trio of ghost-hunting sisters who rid clients of their unwanted supernatural visitors. A badass by nature, Edwina doesn’ t run from haunted houses— she runs into them. Yet no matter how many “ ghosts” she debunks, she remains troubled by a demon from her own past.

Simon Teal is the co-owner of a historic B&B in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, a town famous for its connection to the 1812 War. Simon doesn’ t believe in the spirit world, but something is chasing his customers away, so he reluctantly allows the Darke sisters to investigate.

As the team uncovers the star-crossed love behind the B&B haunting, Edwina and Simon’ s attraction flares. It’ s the last thing either of them needs. The dedicated Edwina refuses to lose herself in another relationship, and Simon is still reeling from a terrible betrayal.

When a darker presence reveals itself, triggering their protective instincts, Edwina and Simon succumb to temptation. But the evil entity has taken an interest in them, and if they don’ t solve the mystery, someone new could end up going “ into the light.”

And it could be one of them.

I am so excited to bring you this story! Thank you for considering my book for review.