Craving: One Night: ( “Al Dente” is a finalist in the 2018 Limitless Press Reader’s Choice Award)

There’s something about the hours between dusk and dawn. It seduces us to give in to temptation—to let all our inhibitions go.

It’s liberating to allow your fantasies to take control, even if it’s only for one night. To know that when dawn breaks, the sinful hours spent in the dark will be hidden forever.

But everything isn’t always quite so simple. Ask the guy who spent a few hours between the sheets with a woman who turns out to be someone he didn’t expect. Or the woman who signs up for cooking classes, but ends up getting an entirely different lesson in the kitchen.

At that moment, it may not seem too dangerous…or too risky.

But be careful.

In hindsight, you might realize that a lot can happen in just…

One Night

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First Kisses, a Book+Main anthology

First Kisses: a Book+Main Bites anthology is LIVE and FREE on ALL platforms!

Embark on thirty-nine scenes of first kisses from favorite romance authors in a multitude of genres.

From Dukes to Highlanders, Shifters to Vampires and a variety of genres in between, binge on these unforgettable first kiss moments, and experience the euphoria that only that first touch of the lips can bring.

Read a Bite from your tried and true favorites, or delve into a new author’s world and become hooked.

This Book+Main Bites anthology is meant to introduce readers to new authors through their words.

Download free here

The Stranger:

This anthology of horror is published by Corbeau Media. My short story The Cemetery Guardian is part of this collection.

Blurb for The Cemetery Guardian:

Toronto’s Necropolis has long been a city of the dead. For one grieving woman, it becomes the setting for an unusual romance. Marianne Phelps has lost her mother and spends her evenings at the gravesite. When someone desecrates the grave, cemetery manager Edward Adams comes to Marianne’s rescue.
Soothing and patient, Edward is unlike any man Marianne has ever known. His old-fashioned manners make her dream of love, even among the crumbling headstones.
Before long, a sinister presence makes itself known to Marianne. She will have to fight for her life, her very soul.
She’s just not sure she wants to.

Love in the Cards:

Love in the Cards

A mysterious invitation…

Dacre House. A decadent Garden District mansion on Halloween night. Some are here to work, some to play, but all are here for a reason. Will old lovers reunite? Ancient conflicts be forgiven? Can strangers enter the house alone and leave as mates? How valuable is a friendship? What would they do to keep–or lose–a job? The answers are in the cards.

Love in the Cards. Ten naughty stories of love and lust from the ladies of Love, Lust, and Laptops.

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Lucky’s Charms:

Lucky's Charms Cover v2

Anything could happen at Lucky’s Bar and Strip Club. Underneath the neon lights, the loud music, and the tear-away costumes, new lovers meet for the first time and old flames ignite anew. Shifters claim their mates, and leprechauns pay unusual gambling debts. Undercover operative solving crime? Advertising executive seducing the boss?

All business as usual at Lucky O’Reilly’s.

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