The story behind the haunted mirror in Darke Music.

Mirrors have always held an element of fascination and fear for me.

They show us who we are, but they can also be portals to another world.

When I began writing Darke Music, the second book in my Darke Paranormal Investigations series, I knew I wanted to include some spooky mirrors in my fictional Asch Institute of Opera.

Why? Well, here’s where you get a bit of my own history in the story. I studied vocal performance at the University of Toronto, and the building had a basement warren of practice rooms for the students to use. Each room had a piano so that students could find their notes, and they also had mirrors on the walls, so that we could check our posture and make sure we were singing properly.

There was something about those mirrors that I just didn’t like. Maybe it was because I was in the basement of an old building and my imagination got carried away. Maybe I was sensing the emotions of students from long ago, their frustration and their desire to do well. Whatever the reason, those mirrors make an appearance in Darke Music, and the effect on the students is not a good one.

Please join me at the Asch Institute of Opera. Just beware that if you glance into the practice room mirrors, you may see more than your own reflection.

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Darke Music release day!

Who’s ready for more ghosts?

Darke Music, Darke Paranormal Investigations 2, is now available!

I’m so excited to bring you Susannah and Noah’s story. I really fell in love with these characters and their emotional journey, and I hope you do too. This installment of Darke Paranormal Investigations will also bring you a new bevy of creepy ghosts. Please check it out!

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She’ s no stranger to ghosts. But love? That’s a mystery.

Historian Susannah Darke is no stranger to haunted houses. As one of a trio of ghost-hunting sisters, she’s had plenty of experience investigating the paranormal. When an opportunity arises to explore a haunted opera school in Toronto, she jumps at the chance, even though she once had her own frightening brush with its resident ghosts.

Noah Bellamy is the dean of the Asch Institute of Opera, and a former opera singer himself. He was once a student at the Asch and is well-acquainted with its boisterous spirits. But when the activity worsens, threatening one of his star students, he knows he has to take action.

The fact that Susannah and Noah have been hooking up for the past year complicates things, but they agreed long ago to keep things casual. As long as they both remember their boundaries, the investigation should go smoothly.

When the paranormal activity begins to target them personally, it becomes harder not to seek comfort in each other’s arms. For the first time ever, Susannah and Noah have to decide if it’s worth taking a chance on love.

The ghosts present a huge challenge, but battling their personal demons may be even harder.

I hope you enjoy Susannah and Noah’s romance! Please tell your friends and post a review. I truly appreciate your support.



Meet one of the ghosts of Darke Music!

This is Marion Ferguson, an extraordinary woman who inspired one of my characters in Darke Music, Darke Paranormal Investigations 2.

She has a connection to the Toronto Conservatory of Music, founded in 1886. Marion first arrived at the conservatory in its early days, with the intention of studying piano and organ. When she met with its director Edward Fisher, he was so impressed with her that he offered her a job. She was hired as the conservatory’s first secretary/registrar, and she also ran its library. She worked at the school for an incredible 50 years, making an indelible impression on its students. Her desk sat at the entrance, and she is said to have greeted the students every day with a warm smile.

She inspired my character Melba Flanagan, one of the ghosts of my fictional Asch Institute of Music in Darke Music. I couldn’t help thinking that such a legacy might have left its own impression on the building, in the way of ghostly visitations! In my story, Melba cared for the students of the Asch Institute for 50 years as well, and it’s possible she might still linger in the place she loved.

You can pre-order Darke Music now! It releases May 2.

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