Content Warnings

If you’re new to my books, please feel free to check out this content warnings page. Please note: it covers all my books that are currently available for purchase, and will be updated periodically. You can find the same info on each of my series pages.

Darke Passion, Darke Paranormal Investigations 1

Content warnings: this romance contains a ghost story but the romance is between living people. The book contains scenes of on-page violence, possession, sexual assault, coercion and murder in a historical context. The ghost story deals with the burning of Niagara-on-the-Lake in 1812. That event is described in flashbacks. Explicit love scenes.

A Good Man, Handymen 1

Content warnings: The hero is a civilian with PTSD who witnessed a shooting at a home daycare. No children were harmed in the event, but the shooter kills the owner of the daycare (his ex-wife.) There are a couple of short flashbacks in the book. Cheating is discussed as well, but does NOT occur between the hero/heroine. The heroine’s ex-fiance is a gaslighter. Graphic sexual content.

An Irresistible Force, Handymen 2

Content warnings: This story deals with the theme of bullying, in particular, its aftermath. Both the hero and the heroine were bullied as teens and are confronted by those emotions again when they meet each other. They both have confrontations with their bullies in this book, and help each other in those situations. There is a brief mention of body shaming, as part of the bullying that occurred. Graphic sexual content.

A Reluctant Attraction, Handymen 3

Content warnings: Grief (the heroine’s husband passed away three years before this story begins and she is struggling with the idea of finding love again.) Erectile dysfunction (the hero is dealing with stress-related erectile dysfunction and there are several honest conversations about sex.) Graphic sexual content.

Vice, Vegas Sins 1

Content warnings: Discussions about gambling addiction (in heroine’s father.) There is also an incident in which the villain physically assaults the heroine and threatens her with future violence. The heroine has temporal lobe epilepsy (like I do!) and you see her seize during one scene. Graphic sexual content.

Covet, Vegas Sins 2

Content warnings: Discussions of infertility (in heroine,) attempted abduction of the heroine, suicide of a secondary character. Please note: there is no “miracle baby” in this book. Graphic sexual content.